Cameo's Graffiti World is a game with some elements of puzzle, some elements of platforming, and some elements of a 3D adventure game for the Wii U. The game revolves around Cameo, a chameleon gangster who is trying to paint the whole city around him in his own way.




You play with the Wii U Gamepad. Your goal is to paint the entire scene a certain way. On the TV is the world as it is, and on the Gamepad is how the world is going to look. You use the joystick to move around the 3D world and press X to jump. Press B to spit a graffiti ball that will color an entire object the color you currently are. However, to change colors, you have to listen to a certain song. These songs come from CDs that are scattered around. You have to carry them by pressing Y, and put them in scattered CD players. Additionally, each ball takes away a bit of your graffiti meter. If you run out of graffiti, you lose. Graffiti can be refilled by collecting spray paint cans.

However, you have to defeat the Eraser Police running around erasing your work. To kill them you have to stick out your tongue by pressing A. The tongue has a spinning yoyo on its tip that will damage anyone it touches. You control the direction of the tongue with the D-Pad. Once dead, they drop their eraser. You can then pick up the erasers with Y to try and erase mistakes already made.


Cameo and his gang, the Gang Colors, are looking to cause some trouble, so they open up a shop where people can ask for different parts of Biggest City painted. Each person can have their own section of the city that way. However, the police find this out, grab their erasers, and try to stop this.

Characters and Enemies

The Gang Colors

  • Cameo (leader, green)
  • Stealth (blue)
  • Fox (red)
  • Cash (yellow)
  • Flare (orange)
  • Cutesy (pink)

Eraser Police

  • Eraser Grunt (erases things slowly when he touches them)
  • Eraser Gunner (stays in 1 place and shoots erasers)
  • Eraser Slammer (tries to hit Cameo, making his graffiti go down)
  • Chief Noir (boss fight t the end of each world, try to protect a scene from his erasing)

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