Call of Poke: Militant Pokemon Simulator
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action, Stategy
Call of Poke is a realistic Pokemon game in the distant future. In the game, you must fight the opposing army using Pokemon.


The game starts with the player waking up in strange laboratory. A man in a lab coat with a clipboard in his hand informs you that you suffered a cuncussion from an explosion in combat, and need to be tested for amnesia. The man then asks a series of questions, including the your gender, race, and military ranking (game difficulty), When the questioning is over, the man tells you to get some rest.


In CoP, there are many Pokemon used as weapons, but few actual weapons.

Weapon Type Pokemon Desc.
Bubble Gun Water Squirtle Squirtle that fires bubbles
Chartorch Fire Charmander Charmander that spits fire
Pea Shooter Grass Bulbasaur Bulbasaur that shoots
Volt Grenade Electric Voltorb Thrown Voltorb set to explode
Octurret Water Octillery Octillery that stays in one place and shoots water
Lo Traps Water Lotad Lotads lay in the water and look like lily pads, but in reality will pounce an enemy when they come in range
Hondge Fighting Honedge Honedge used as a melee weapon
Dew Gun Ice Dewgong Dewgong that shoots ice beams
Koff Bomb Poison Koffing Koffing detonates, poisoning anyone within range

Vehicles are easy to use and very versatile.

Vehicle Pokemon Desc.
Wail-Carrier Wailord Wailord floats in the water and can carry cargo
Torttank Torterra Armored Torterra that you can shoot from
Rhyder Rhydon Rhydon that runs through the battle at high speeds
Wail-pod Wailmer Wailmer that can transport only one passenger


Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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