King Among Kaiju is the story mode of Call of Plastic Kaiju, written by Pablo and Exotoro.


On this world, there are beasts.

Not all of them share an origin, and even fewer are alike one another. They've been created by man's ignorance, by forces beyond the stars, and by the paranormal before, and will continue to be created. However, all of these beasts go by one name, a name spoken with fear.


Part 1: The Emerald Hands

The Forest

Deep in a lush forest, a massive beetle, Friend of the Forest, rests. A rumbling noise awakens it, as it readies its four arms and grasps a makeshift staff made from a tree trunk. From beneath the ground, Gaburin rises, a green glow appearing in the center of its chest. Friend of the Forest attempts to scare Gaburin away from his territory, but fails as Gaburin attacks him. Forced to fight, Friend barely defeats Gaburin, causing it to run away.

Meanwhile, a massive green being sits in a matching green chair, watching Gaburin's escape through an eye-shaped portal. His six fists clench, drawing a mysterious red energy to pool around the portal as Gaburin faints outside the forest. The being motions for the red energy to flow into one of ten symbols in a strange floating circle.

Part 2: Against All Odds

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