Call of Plastic Kaiju Call of Plastic Kaiju is a collab game between Exotoro and Pablo. It will feature toy kaiju as playable characters.


Each fight begins with the player selecting a character. Each character has a certain faction that works well against other factions. These factions are known as Fire, Ice, Nature, Wind, Cosmic, Paranormal, Lore, Machine, Bizarre and Monster.


Machine beats Nature, Nature beats Monster, Monster beats Bizarre, Bizarre beats Paranormal, Paranormal beats Lore, Lore beats Wind, Wind beats Ice, Ice beats Fire, Fire beats Machine.

Additionally, Kaiju have fatalities that when preformed, destroy the kaiju that the fatality is being done to. That Kaiju is temporarily dismantled for three fights and thus cannot be used.

Story Mode: King Among Kaiju

King Among Kaiju logo

The Kaiju all get the instinct to fight each other for dominance of Earth and split into factions based off of their abilities. Who will dominate the earth once it is all said and done, and who is the mysterious force behind it all?

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Starter Characters

Image Name Artist Info
Gaburin Gaburin Touma FireKaijuParanormalKaiju

A devilish looking but still cute looking Kaiju. He is able to slam his fists into the ground and have them come out the other side, being half ghost. He can also breathe fire.

Ghouls Night Out Ghoul's Night Out Brian Flynn FireKaijuParanormalKaiju

A ghost bouncer with a magma theme. He can pour lava out of his hands and he can pack a whallop.

Pheyaos Man Pheyaos Man Mori Katsura and Onell Design BizarreKaijuLogoCosmicKaiju

A mysterious space mutant kaiju. He's a balanced character who can use his sword hand and unleash cosmic energy bursts.

64 Bit 64 Bit Erick Scarecrow BizarreKaijuLogoMachineKaiju

A kaiju with a Nintendo 64 controller for a head. It attacks using polygons like a cube and pyramid as well as rumbling stuff around it.

Pumpkin Pumpkin Brian Ahlbeck BizarreKaijuLogoMonsterKaiju

A slug like kaiju that attacks using the eye of void attached to it's head. It is capable of rendering 4D personages that attack for it, and can take plenty of hits even without its powers.

Silver Hour Silver Hour Erick Scarecrow MachineKaijuBizarreKaijuLogo

A Crow-Crow Bear that is able to control time. He can create a time duplicate or trap a character into a time loop.

ChromeKaiju Chrome Musyubel MonsterKaijuMachineKaiju

A big, giant, owl like creature covered in Chrome. He can trap characters' limbs inside of his liquid metal body and even shape his arms into weapons.

Honoo the Flame Blue Comet Leecifer FireKaiju

A large demon-esque flame creature with stumpy wooden legs. He uses his bulk to his advantage with lots of moves based on wrestling, and can spread his flames across the stage to keep tougher enemies away.

Radioactive Green Radioactive Green Erick Scarecro MonsterKaiju

A silly string can gone bad! Radioactive Green is a vicious fighter who attacks using his claws and by shooting green webs to trap enemies.

Zee Shake Zee Shake Pushead ParanormalKaiju

Dubbing himself 'Ye Salty Scallywag', Zee Shake is a mildly insane skeleton pirate. He can attack enemies with his hook and pull out a cutlass for swordfighting. He can also fall apart as a defensive mechanism.

Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Pumpkin Spice valleyDweller IceKaijuLogoMonsterKaiju

A ice cream gone wrong! Vanilla Pumpkin Spice is able to create ice forcefields as well as throw snowballs. The top of his body also acts as a harmful spike.

Friend of the Forest Friend of the Forest Bwana Spoons NatureKaijuLoreKaiju

A massive beetle that loves defending forests and hates anyone who steps on its turf. He can attack with his horns and make tree root spikes grow from the ground.

Robot Keiji K Robot Keiji K Marmit MachineKaiju

Originally designed to fight the Kaiju, Robot Keiji K grew self-aware and sided with neither mankind nor the Kaiju. He uses martial arts and eye beams to face his enemy in combat.

Mad Frankie Mad Frankie Mad Toyz ParanormalKaijuMachineKaiju

Based on the classical Frankenstein's monster, Mad Frankie seeks independence from his inspiration. He remains in his tiny car during battles and can ram into enemies or use his afterburner to unleash fire.

Abandonment White Abandonment White Kaijin ParanormalKaijuBizarreKaijuLogo

A sad looking monster who appears to be broken. He attacks using his fists which can turn into mouths and unleash a giant parasite from his stomach.

Cave Cuspid Cave Cuspid Chris Ryniak NatureKaijuBizarreKaijuLogo

A mysterious Kaiju that has tunnels and caves all over the planet. It can fight by biting its enemies and creating tiny helpers out of rubble.

Scorpion 08 Scorpion 08 Rumble Monster MachineKaiju

A fighting robot controlled by a manmade AI, Scorpion 08 is humanity's last line of defense! He attacks with his large scorpion-based claws and uses missiles as well.

BluebloodIron Head Blueblood and Iron Head Andrew Bell / Juki MachineKaijuFireKaiju

Blueblood is an intergalactic big shot and Iron Head is the latest of many of his mercenaries. They fight together, with Blueblood tossing Iron Head around the stage and Iron Head snapping at anyone who has the stupidity to walk near him.

Sensorbat Sensorbat Brian Bunting MachineKaijuCosmicKaiju

A spacefaring adventurer from a race of giant manbats, Sensorbat expects to be revered, being used to fame on his homeworld. He uses his ray gun and jetpack to face his opponents.

Bump Bump Brian Flynn NatureKaijuFireKaiju

A strange magma creature that doesn't seek destruction or redemption - it only wanders the earth, fighting what it sees. It can briefly absorb fighters into its gooey body, and create lava spills.

Diffuse Diffuse Junnosuke Abe LoreKaiju

It covers it eyes to see; or at least increase it's other senses. It can predict opponents moves before they happen and can magically expel opponents away from it.

Kingdom Mind Kingdom Mind Restore LoreKaijuParanormalKaiju

It works for a higher being and has been entrusted be the "Kingdom Mind", a hive mind of the great kingdom of Batogloth. It can raise the dead and send angels to attack for it.

Frostweed Frostweed Brent Nolasco WindKaijuIceKaijuLogo

A bat-looking kaiju made out of ice. It uses the wind to glide using it's ears and to produce a high frequency sound that damages opponents. It's also cable of producing hail.

Wet-Suit Maria Wet-Suit Maria Erick Scarecrow WindKaijuNatureKaiju

Wet-Suit Maria is a kaiju that resembles a woman. It is cable of using the wind to produce rocking guitar solos and calling waves from the ocean to aid it.

Debut Yellow Debut Yellow Brian Flynn WindKaiju

Debut Yellow is a baseball fanatic kaiju. It propels itself in the air and hits into an another opponent. It can also use a baseball bat and a baseball to attack.

Sterogon Sterogon Nerd One LoreKaijuMonsterKaiju

Sterogon is a monstrous kaiju often called 'Bigfoot' in the western world. He's not one for tactics or finesse, but he has brute strength and can use the mouth on his chest to deliver massive bites.

TTF TTF Touma MachineKaijuMonsterKaiju

TTF (standing for Terrestrial Terrain Friend) was designed by a long-forgotten alien race as the perfect pet. Having dealt with years of travel, TTF can bite and move so fast it looks like it's teleporting.


Image Name Artist Info Unlocked How
Dokurocks Man Deathrocks Mori Katsura NatureKaijuParanormalKaiju

A deathly looking skull man. He has three heads, which shoot out poison darts. He can also club enemies with his clubbish looking hand.

Play as five kaiju once.
GoblinBlood Goblin's Blood beaK NatureKaijuMachineKaiju

A robot closely related to nature. He can summon mechanical birds to help him fly and attack, and he can create noxious mushrooms that posion anyone near them.

Play as ten kaiju once.
Chaser 00 Chaser 00 Rumble Monster NatureKaijuMachineKaiju

Chaser 00 is an older model that Scorpion 08 was based on, and while abandoned by humanity, he is now controlled by a mutated fungus from within. He fights similarly to his younger brother, but can use spore bombs and pummel enemies.

Win 8 matches as Scorpion 08
Black Metal Black Metal Mori Katsura MonsterKaijuCosmicKaiju

Black Metal is a metallic Kaiju who bears a strange resemblance to Pheyaos Man and claims to be connected to him. He fights similarly to Pheyaos Man, but with a focus on savage attacks and more tilted towards combat than defense.

Play as twenty kaiju once.
Frost Jack Frost Jack Brandt Peters

A wise-cracking snowman who smokes from a cigar. He can throw icesicles and create ice paths.

Play as a Ice Factioned Kaiju 30 times.
Silver Scarecrow Silver Scarecrow Gen Kitajima

A girl kaiju that can control ice. She can throw giant ice cubes which will slide and damage opponents or freeze them solid!

Play as a Ice Factioned Kaiju 60 times.
West End Killer Man Red Machine West End Killer Man MachineKaiju

A chainsaw that is just waiting to cut somebody down to size. He is short which allows to avoid most attacks and merely touching him on his spinning blade will get you badly hurt!

Play as a Machine Factioned Kaiju 30 times.
Dark Epidote Dark Epidote Touma

A big turtle infused with greenish yellow crystals, which allow him to cast dark magic. He can hex opponents into having bad luck or attack a leech that sucks away at their health.

Play as a Lore Factioned Kaiju 30 times.
Kaida Kaida Mark Nagata LoreKaijuNatureKaiju

A tall crab like creature that has a blue and red side. Depending on what side Kaida faces, he will unleash either barnacles or water.

Play as a Lore Factioned Kaiju 60 times.
D.H.M Visited Again D.H.M Visited Again Dream Rocket LoreKaijuWindKaiju

A house that is alive. It said to suck the dreams of whoever ventures inside and turn them into nightmares, which escape out the chimney. It can also use it's brute strength to attack.

Play as a Wind Factioned Kaiju 30 times.
Blitzgon Blitzgon Hariken WindKaijuMonsterKaiju

Thunder rolls in the distance, which can mean only one thing; Blitzgon is here. Blitzgon can channel thunder and lighting as well attack with it's teeth, which will leave a nasty shock.

Play as a Wind Factioned Kaiju 60 times.
Glow Glow Mark Nagata and Dead Presidents BizarreKaijuLogoCosmicKaiju

A mysterious all-seeing kaiju residing outside the known universe with unknown motives. While Glow isn't an extremely strong fighter, he can briefly manipulate the fabric of space-time to his advantage.

Win 100 matches.
Fantasy Metalictron Fantasy Metalictron Hiroto Ohkubo FireKaijuIceKaijuLogoNatureKaijuWindKaijuCosmicKaijuParanormalKaijuLoreKaijuMachineKaijuBizarreKaijuLogoMonsterKaiju

The biggest, baddest kaiju of them all. Having attacks from all the factions, Fantasy Metalictron has no weaknesses to speak of beyond his ego. Watch out for his Rainbow Breath attack!

Finish story mode.


  • The name (Call of Plastic Kaiju) is based off the title of Lovecraft's story called Call of Cthulhu.

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