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California Circuit
Developer(s) Sactown Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Kart Racing
Release Date(s)
Everywhere: March 2013
Grand Prix
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Wii U Disc

California Circuit is an upcoming racing game from Sactown Studios featuring characters from the California Chronicles Series racing on tracks from the series along with all-new courses made for the game. The game features over 20 items to obtain, and a story mode featuring all of the characters. The game will only be released for the Wii U.



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Story Mode

California Circuit introduces the all-new story mode to the series. In Story Mode, the Shroobs invade Sacramento, and try to take over the state of California. In order to prevent this from happening the Mayor challenges Princess Shroob to a race around the world! Join the cast of the California Chronicles to save California from the evil shroobs!

More about Story Mode can be found here: California Circuit Story Mode.

Default Characters

Image Name Description Special Item
DennisCSS DennisButton TBA Cowcatcher ~ Dennis places an American Railroad Cow Catcher in front of his vehicle and plows through other racers causing them to spin or flip out for 30 seconds.
IsaiahCSS IsaiahButton TBA Monster Card! ~ Isaiah pulls out a card which will unleash a monster that will either launch fireballs or iceballs that cause other racers to spin out or get burned.
EmmaCSS EmmaButton TBA Paintbrush ~ Emma pulls out a huge paintbrush and sends out paintballs causing other racers to get covered in paint and spin out.
MayorCSS MayorButton TBA TBA
DestructionCSS DestructionButto TBA TBA
ConneryCSS Connery TBA TBA
ErnestoCSS Ernesto TBA TBA
Julianna TBA TBA
EmilyCSS Emily TBA TBA
Paxton TBA TBA
William TBA TBA
Sir Mike Moreno TBA TBA

Selection Screen Grid

Secret Characters

Image Name Description Special Item How to Unlock


Image Name Description
A-city-of-heritage-11 City Hall A simple race around Sacramento's City Hall. A great choice for beginners!
Cover-PHOTO State Fair A race going through the California State Fair. Obstacles include party animals, and fair rides.
Downtownsac Downtown Sacramento A race through Downtown Sacramento. Obstacles include traffic, people, bikes, and trees.
Oldsacramento-tommyers Old Sacramento Sacramento's historical replica of the city during the late 1800's, complete with a drive along the Sacramento River, and the Train Station. Obstacles include trains, people, trees, and the river.
20120424044639!K st Mall Sacramento K Street Mall A mall located in Downtown Sacramento. The mall's obstacles include people, trees, and booths.
California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento Railroad Museum TBA
9635-sac railyards sm web Abandoned Railyard TBA


Image Name Description Unlocking Method
StandardKart Standard Kart A simple go-kart, perfect for beginners! Unlocked
Monster-truck-icon-bigfoot-8778 1 Monster Truck A monster truck, perfect for off-road lovers! Unlocked
LincolnLimo Limo TBA Unlocked
Taxi 9485942 Taxi TBA Unlocked
24 Pax Minibus Bus TBA Unlocked
Schoolbus School Bus TBA Beat 50cc California Cup
RV RV TBA Beat 100cc California Cup
Sienna Minivan TBA TBA
3400111 Anime Car TBA
LBSCR E4 Tank Engine TBA
City Bus TBA
Retro English Taxi TBA
Mach 5 TBA
Airplane TBA
Pokemon Car TBA
Impala TBA

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