Calea New
Calea's appearance
Full Name Calea
Current Age 29
Gender Female
Species Once Beorn
Align Evil
' 'Calea is a character from the Hidden Universe. She is part of a trio known as the Trickster's Gambit they work for Judge as scouts and assistants when need be. Calea is the closest to Judge as apparently the two of them used to explore the universe together before they were turned into Once Creatures. Calea still holds her feelings for Judge although the feeling is not mutual.


Calea, similar to all Once Creatures holds very little of her original self's appearance. Though she still is furry, she lacks the black with white pupil eyes of a Beorn instead she has white with green pupils. Her ears are smaller than a Beorns. She wears a shoulder-buttoned Shirt that is White & Light Grey in colour. She also wears a belted Short Skirt and has a pair of Holo-Wings on her back.


Calea is a very caring person although is not above killing people she deems to be interfering with her work. Despite her kind demeanour she is arguably the most ferocious member of the Trickster's Gambit and will manipulate and lie her way to what she wants. From what is on records about her, Calea is known to visit many bars to trick drunks into doing work for her, often at the demise of said drunks. She also has a tendency to be very evasive around authorities and will frequently use her Holo-Wings to escape detection.


Calea is capable of using the four Classical Elements in unison, although she predominantly prefers to use Fire either as an alternative to light or to intimidate her accomplices or targets. Her Elemental abilities appear somewhat holographic in appearance likely due to their unusual origin. Unlike Beorns Calea does not possess the Descension ability although is a more capable fighter than Beorns, this was confirmed after a run in she had with Hugo resulting in him being left with a broken leg and severe damage to her torso.

She is also a fairly well trained Alchemist able to mix and create potions that can induce effects similar to that of Cannabis for sedation or Crystal Meth for enragement. Tests by governments have confirmed the potions she creates are not actually Cannabis or Crystal Meth and their composition seems to be made strangely of Anti-Matter somehow.




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