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Calea's appearance
Full Name Calea Decus Caelum
Current Age 24
Gender Female
Species Luxpluvia
Align Good (albeit misguided)
Ability/ies Elemental Manipulation
 Calea is an Elemental Controlling being who is Judge's assistant through most of his plan. She appears to work very closely with him and helps him secure the parts he needs for his grand plan, she appears misguided in her efforts as she frequently refers to various protagonists as monsters.


Calea is a Luxpluvia, a species of humanoid creatures with purple skin, long limbs with no visible fingers or toes and two small ears that look like rounded horns.

In Luxpluvian society, Luxpluvians have different attire based on their occupation in the Luxpluvian society, Calea was a Priestess in one of the Capital Cities of the Luxpluvian homeworld, Elfaplex, as such she wears a long white, sleeveless shirt with a dark brown belt and dark blue short skirt. In addition she wears a small wristband given to her by her mother that is said to keep her safe. In addition as a Priestess Calea wears a pair of levitating discs on her back that project small wings to identify her importance in Luxpluvian society.


Calea may not be the most intelligent individual in the universe, she's not even the most intelligent person in her sect of the Luxpluvian Priesthood, however Calea is a forgiving, kind spirited and determined individual who always tries to help those she finds to be of good intentions. Calea's misguidance has ended up with her being in a conflicting situation as her close friend, Judge is considered a menace to Luxpluvian society and although she tries to relieve the tension betwenn the Luxpluvians and Judge she's slowly losing said battle.

Calea seems to have a tendency to trust Judge with whatever he says, this has gotten her to end up fighting multiple individuals simply because she believes Judge. This trust between them isn't initially explained and has caused other characters to try and reach out to her to protect her from Judge's grand scheme. Some believe (and blame him because of this) that Calea's father Mandare was a driving force to Calea trusting Judge so much.


Calea has four officially mentioned family members; her mother, her father and her brother.

Calea's mother, Orin is the only deceased member of Calea's family mentioned at all. Orin has been described by Calea, Madare & Dranon as a truly moral individual. Orin's relationship with Calea albeit shortlived due to her mother's death is mentioned by her as being very important as it was her mother who helped Calea into the Priesthood, being a Priestess herself and would give Calea three morals to follow for the rest of her life.

  1. Never kill another sentient individual
  2. Never betray the care of the Priesthood
  3. Always trust the good of an individual

As far as everyone is aware, Calea has followed these three tenants as despite Judge comitting acts of murder, Calea has not. In addition despite her relationship with Judge she hasn't lost the care of the Priesthood who believe that Calea will eventually realize Judge's true intentions and finally Calea's ability to tolerate Judge despite the evil he commits has given most the belief that she sees something in Judge others do not.

Calea's father, Madare was a distant father to Calea, due to him being the General of the 2nd Army of Elfaplex, Madare wasn't around during Calea's youth. As such when he retired, Calea found it hard to form a proper bond with him. In addition his time in the military made him cold to other individuals, Calea and Dranon especially as they had described their experience with Madare as though they were constantly in trouble. Madare has since come around with Dranon who after destroying a small section of a building due to an experiment gone wrong wasn't mad at his son and comforted Dranon through the initial and after effects of the damage Dranon inflicted.

Calea however has not been able to properly form a bond with Madare due to her association with the Priesthood she frequently had to keep large portions of her life a secret from her father due to previous mistrust between the Military and the Priesthood. Madare has stated that he doesn't believe Calea hates him but rather that she thinks of him as a heartless machine.

Calea's brother Dranon is Calea's closest connection to her life before joining up with Judge. Dranon has described his sister in her life before being with Judge as secretive, yet caring as Calea was known to make time away from her Priesthood to be with her family. Dranon has stated that while their father, Madare may not know it because Madare and Calea never really formed a relationship, Dranon states that he feels as though with every passing day, Calea becomes more distant from him. Calea and Dranon in their youth, according to Dranon, were known to try different experiments as Dranon wanted to become a scientist for the Capital's top Research Lab, and Calea was always happy to help out. This had lead to several unfortunate incidents including the road outside their house being torn up, although despite the damage and chaos Dranon's experiments caused, he knew that Calea wouldn't abandon him when he got in trouble for his experiments.


As a Luxpluvian, Calea has the ability to control the four basic elements; Wind, Water, Earth and Fire and use them in combat and general practices. Calea being a Priestess has gained a significant amount of training in the use of Wind Manipulation as the Priestesses use it in their many rituals. Calea has also demonstrated some potential in her Water and Fire Manipulation and has the basic techniques of Earth Manipulation.

When in combat, Calea can be identified by which Element she's using by the colour of her skin, a trait of all Luxpluvians. In addition her Earth Manipulation is very obvious as she commonly uses it for defence.


Calea's youth as previously explained was pretty standard for most Luxpluvians, while her mother's death was the real star of Calea's change of personality, Calea's time before that point was mainly comprised of training for the Priesthood, practicing experiments with her brother Dranon and very rarely catching up with her father Madare. Around the point Calea's mother died, she had a noticeable increase of determination according to her brother and seemed to be more capable with her Elemental Abilities. Calea spent the next few years training under the Priesthood, eventually reaching the position of Priestess at the age of 17, the standard age for Luxpluvians to be permitted their first official occupation.

Calea would spend the next 4 years of her life dedicated to the Priesthood and while she would still be able to almost every day visit her brother and now retired father, she seemed at least to Madare and Dranon to be more in a rush. As it would turn out, Calea had actually begun working with Judge during her third year as a priestess, Judge had disguised himself as a High Priest, working his way up in another Capital City on Elfaplex and would eventually convince Calea to help him take a small gemstone from one of the relics within Calea's Priesthood. Calea and Judge execute this plan and although initially going off without a hitch, through unforseen circumstances, Dranon had decided to visit Calea that day. Calea and Judge would make their escape as Judge saw potential in Calea although Dranon was the last one able to stop Calea from leaving with Judge, Calea was ultimately convinced that Judge's plan was to create a unification of the Universe by creating a machine to provide the necessities for life and thriving ecosystems on any planet.

Calea would spend up to the current day helping Judge in crossing the Universe in all its expanse collecting parts for Judge's machine. Calea had also had several run-ins with other characters who Judge made her believe through their conversations inbetween obtaining parts, were part of a secret organization run by The Fan and The Enemy to turn the Universe into a Monarchy where most species would suffer heavily and only a loyal few would be granted sustainable life. As such Calea has fended off various characters and protected Judge in his Universal thieving.


  • Calea is 1.779m tall making her just taller than Judge's Cateona form
  • Calea's home planet, Elfaplex lacks specific laws against thievery although it is stated that objects on Elfaplex are equipped with various teleportation devices such that the original owner can never truly lose that object or have it stolen
  • Calea believes Judge is actually a Luxpluvian like her and just has absolute mastery over Water Manipulation
  • Calea has made several comments on the mysterious tail coming out of Judge's head in his ??? Form, although Judge has dismissed the questions telling Calea that "it's just part of the species' physique".


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