Calconsole or Consolator, it is a video-game based on a calculator. There are new-brands buttons on in, and each of them have a different capacity. You can see the entire operation when you're about to make a calculation.

Futhermore, Calconsole can play DS and 3DS games as well, but some games are exclusive to it. Calconsole also have a camera, sound, internet and much more. In the case of security, Calconsole have a handhold that it's usuable to your console doesn't fall and break.

On Calconsole, it's also included free Mini-Games, which are inside a paste. The Mini-Games included in are:

Mini-Games List  

  • Apple-Catch
  • Type the Calls
  • Song Rhythm
  • The Chosen One
  • Run, Run, Run!
  • VVVVVVertical Escape