Cake Girl Riots Again! is the sequel to Cake Girl Riot! made for Series Swap Day 5 by Peanutjon (tbc). It is for the 3DS.


Trixie and Tiffany discover a new bakery shop has opened, which is putting both of them out of business. As such, they are forced to team up (with Socks and David, of course) to get themselves more popular than it.

Along the way, Socks discovers that the new business is using hypnotism to force customers to like it more. The villainous Teresa Muffintop tries to get rid of her competition once and for all, but Trixie and Tiffany work together and defeat her and close down her business.



  • Trixie Farl - The well-rounded character of the team.
  • Socks the Cat - The speedy chararacter of the team.
  • David Kenneth - The powerful character of the team.
  • Tiffany Eclair - The magical character of the team.


  • Teresa Muffintop - Magical, like Tiffany. She uses a magic wand to blast magic at you, create Muffintops, or teleport.


Muffintops are the only enemies. They chase after you and look like muffins. If they catch you, you take damage.


Same as the first game.

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