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Cain "Maroon" Koopa
Full Name Cain Koopa
Current Age 14
Date of Birth June 2000
Gender Male
Species Koopa
Location Dark Land
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Wand, sword
Element(s) Poison
Ability/ies Poison people, use wand
Vulnerable To Fireballs, stomps
Height Around 5-6 ft.
Weight 110 lbs.
First Appearance Abel Koopa Kart
Family and Relations
Abel Koopa (twin brother)
Maroon Koopa

Cain Koopa, referred as Maroon Koopa, is the fraternal twin brother of Abel Koopa. He often wears red pajamas, but like Abel, he hates nudity. He is older than Abel by 5 minutes. 


Cain looks similar to Abel, only that Cain wears red pajamas with a hole where his stomach is and he has a hairstyle similar to Jackson's. He has 3 teeth, 2 on his left side and 1 on his right side. His eyes are red. His hair is a mix of the color purple and green. His shell is purple with black rings. He also has longer nails than the other koopalings.



Cain likes him, but rumors say that he was adopted by Bowser after 2 weeks since Cain and Abel were born. 


Cain never met her.

Niko Koopa Sr.

Cain doesn't remember him, since he only saw him for 2 weeks.

Larry Koopa

They don't like each other.

Morton Koopa Jr.

Cain somehow likes Morton.


  • Abel Koopa and Cain Koopa are both a reference to the two Bible characters, Abel and Cain.
  • He was actually not suppose to be created, but Exotoro said in a comment of why was there no Cain Koopa on one of Emerald's earliest pages.
  • During his concept, his name was Paul instead of Cain.

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