The logo of CC and the symbol on the shirt worn by the protagonist, Echo Ben. Seen here in white so it can better contrast to Fantendo's background.

Cadaverous Chord is a story told throughout words, images, movies and possibly an interactive game or two. Not many details are known as of yet.


People have personas. These personas may be forgotten or left behind, but it doesn't mean they are gone.

On the internet, people have left websites forever, never to return. However, the 'ghost' of their persona still exists, albeit as barely anything. Echo Ben discovers one of these "ghosts" that figures out how to hack into EB's computer to talk to him. EB decides he could try to bring the ghosts into their full form, but is there a greater threat?

The 15 'ghosts' each have three forms. The first is a white orb with a very feint face. The second form is a very transparent humanoid with distinctive clothes and face. The third form is a very real-looking humanoid. All three forms have pitch-white eyes. The first form is the least 'complete' and the third form is the most 'complete' with the second form being in the middle. EB must complete all fifteen ghosts by the end of the game before fighting the villain.


Image Name Species Quote Description
EchoBen Echo Ben Human So you are trying to tell me... that there are ghosts on the internet? that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of :P
Tempo Gabe Human I've referred you to a friend. he can probably do something about you. now go back to roleplaying or whatever it is you do at this stupid site
Zeevaart Schip Ghost *adjusts hat and smiles mischievously*
Okkult Stier Ghost My purpose is the plot. I was so enthusiastic, I think. It's hard to r̴̵̫͚͎̣̲̤͙ͮ̾͂ͪ͆͡E͚͕̱͍̔̏m̥̠͉̰̳ͣͩ͜E̷͓̹̖̖̐̓͂ͫͪ́̚ͅm̫̣̙̼ͭ͐̀͡B̤̤̝̞̜̪̞̒̆͋̔ȇ̶͈̳̽̾̊̅͘̕R̯̣̼̳͎̳͇̤ͩͥ̅̀̑͘͢ now.
??? x 13 Ghost The next thirteen ghosts are not revealed yet!
??? Unknown The villain, nothing about him is known as of now.


Several bits of news blogs have been released by the creator, DM, that reveal various things about CC. Some of the information contained in them may be out-of-date, such as it's previous status as being a 'game' rather than a story told in many forms.

Ones that are recommended to be read, such as bits of story that haven't been put on a main-space page yet, are in bold.


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