Cactuar is a creature from the Final Fantasy series, created by Square Enix. They look like cacti, they have faces, they're bodies are slanted, they have three quills at the top of their heads, and they have stiff arms and legs. However, some rare Cactuar have segmented limbs.

Cactuar, with his accordion.

The Cactuar pictured in this section is known for his accordion, which serves as his most prized posession

Game appears

Smash Bros. The Warriors of the Wild

Cactuar appears along with his Final Fantasy friends as playable characters in Smash Bros. The Warriors of the Wild. They are achieved after completing Chapter 3: Cleaning up the Mushroom Kingdom, along with Princess Peach and Rosalina.

Super Smash Bros. Tactics

Cactuar appears as an unlockable character in the game Super Smash Bros. Tactics. He is the 2nd fastest character. though he is the lightest character, so he can easily be knocked off the stage.

Mario Kart Triple Dash

Cactuar appears in Mario Kart Triple Dash, with Chocobo and Moogle as his partners. It should be noted that Cactuar runs around the course on-foot, rather than ride in a kart.

Mario's Batter-Up Baseball

Cactuar appears in Mario's Batter-Up Baseball, along with the other Final Fantasy characters. He has good chemistry with Moogle, Slime, Chocobo, and Tonberry,

Mario All-Star Tennis

Cactuar appears in Mario All-Star Tennis, where Moogle also appears as his partner.

Mario Kart: Splash!

Cactuar returns in Mario Kart: Splash!, along with the other Final Fantasy characters. Like in Mario Kart Triple Dash, Cactuar will run on-foot.

Mario Kart 360

Cactuar appears as an unlockable character, with the other Final Fantasy characters, in Mario Kart 360. Once again, he will be running on-foot.

Mario Dual

Cactuar appears in Mario Dual he appears in this game as a fighter. He is a unlockable character. He is it fastest character of this game.

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