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Cackletta's official artwork from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.
Gender Female
Species Beanish
Location Beanbean Kingdom
Class Villain
None (Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)
King Polarite (Super Mario Revival)
Ability/ies dark magic, creating thunder
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Cackletta was the main villain in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. In that game, her motive was to steal the Bean Star. Mario and Luigi soon defeat her during their journey.


Super Mario Revival Series

Cackletta, along with Fawful, are set to appear in the first season of Super Mario Revival as two of the many villains revived by King Polarite. They are notably less powerful than they were in the original games they appeared in, and are seen as henchmen to King Polarite rather than main villains themselves. Even so, they are quite formidable opponents. Cackletta and Fawful only appear in episode 04, "Witch's Revival".


Many of Cackletta's attacks in the anime are moves she used in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, but are given names.

  • Darkness Minutia - summons a swarm of miniature bats to attack her opponents.
  • Witch Thunder - Lifts her arm and summons down a strike of reddish-pinkish thunder,
  • Witch Black Hole - creates shadowy holes that her opponents can fall into.

Super Mario Bros.: Legend of the Chaos Star

While Cackletta has not made an actual appearance in the story, she was mentioned by Birdo on at least two occasions. In the thirteenth chapter, Birdo stated that she could not understand how Princess Peach was always so unprepared for Bowser's numerous kidnappings of her, despite being able to predict Cackletta and Fawful's arrival during the events of Superstar Saga. In Part 15a, Birdo, upon seeing Antasma for the first time, mistook him for Cackletta.

Super Mario - Time's at Stake!

"Cackletta is a witch who once nearly took over the Beanbean Kingdom. Now she has enslaved all of Bowser's minions to do her bidding throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. She is actually kinda pathetic in comparison to 2003." -Luigi's Tell Ability

   She doesn't make of an appearance in this game. She's only the first boss you face. She's really only in the game for trying to take over Bowser's minions while Peach's Castle is destroyed and Bowser has to make sure Peach doesn't get kidnapped by others.


Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Before she was killed by Mario and Luigi, she was a very evil and greedy woman, and often used and abused her minions, except for Fawful.

Epica Series

Since being destroyed and revived, however, she has shown a change of heart. She has become best friends with the Colon Sis. as well as Fawful and Midbus. She still holds a small grudge against Mario, but for whatever reason, has nothing against Luigi.

Super Mario Revival Series

After she is revived by King Polarite, Cackletta remains as mean and nasty as she was in Mario & Luigi: Supertar Saga. However, she is more of aware of the Mario Bros.' potential and does not underestimate them. She understands how powerful they can be, so in turn, she tries to grow even more powerful in order to destroy them.