Cackful, in Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure
Full Name Cackful
Current Age 32
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Class Sidekick & Pupil
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) None
Ability/ies Sonic Laugh
Can shoot lasers from eyes
Vulnerable To None
Dark Cackful
Latest Appearance Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure

Cackful is the sidekick of Princess Shroongi and made an appearance in Mario & Luigi: Rivals in Adventure. He portrayed as a boss two times.


Cackful is much like Bowshroom, he giggles and laughes. However, he's more smart and has good looking hair which Bowshroom seems to admire so much.


Cackful starts out as Princess Shroongi's beloved sidekick. After they meet up with the Mario Bros. Shroongi entrusted Cackful to prevent them from reaching her. However, he was defeated. The Mario Bros. meet up with Cackful one last time. Cackful suddenly changes his appearance and transforms into his true form . Mario & Luigi have no choice but to fight the menace again.


  • Cackful's original appearance resembles Count Dracula with the exception of a green face and big red glasses
  • The name Cackful came from the two names, "Cackletta", and "Fawful" merged.