Full Name CD
Gender Male
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Himself
Vulnerable To Ice
Latest Appearance Bombs Away!
CD is a Bob-Omb and the main character of Bombs Away!, a Nintendo DS puzzle game.

Physical Appearence

CD is a black Bob-Omb. He wears a suit with a black shirt and white tie. Unlike most Bob-Ombs, he has no key. Atop his head is perched a white fedora with a black band.


CD is often wise-cracking and sarcastic, but he really is good at heart. He is also somewhat clumsy and irresponsible, despite his best efforts.


Bombs Away!

Despite being the main character of the game, CD himself is not actually playable. He operates the console that fires the cannon, shooting the Bob-Ombs at the others and often makes sarcastic comments to the player, as well as hints.