Bytes is an original series created by SuyoGames, it takes place in Blockade, a block like world filled with robotic creatures called the Bytes.  The series has three games in total, each game has a completely different story. The first game begins with Vin, a Byte who is on a journey with Cel to save his home from The Foreman.


The first game introduces Vin, a Byte species, his home has been taken over by The Foreman, his friends and family have also been kidnapped, Vin seems alone and doomed when one of Foreman's minions, Cel saves him and tells that he was once kidnapped by the Foreman and that he is going against him, the two robots set out on an adventure to save Vin's home and the Bytes.


  • Bits & Pieces: The first game in the series, a Byte named Vin and Cel go to rescue the other Bytes and save their home from The Foreman.
  • Transformed & Treacherous: The second game in the series, where Vin, the protagonist of the first game, becomes a corrupt leader and enslaves the city of Blockade, and all the Bytes, Cel, Vin's friend, is determined to stop his chaos in the second part of the first trilogy.
  • Revenge & Retribtuion: TBA
  • Untitled 4th Game


  • Vin: A brave Byte who has the power to use his parts and turn into tiny bits, he is on an adventure to save his home.
  • Cel: A former member of Foreman's troop, he is planning on getting revenge.


  • Foreman: A cyborg human who created the world of Mechtanium, he wants to destroy the city Blockade.

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