Buzzigigas is a hybrid monster who is created from Buzz Lightyear and Regigigas after they are both defeated by Mudkeep.


Buzzigigas is a deity (large for Mudkeep characters' size) created by Buzz Lightyear's legs with Regigigas' arm sleeve and right arm. As it is only limbs, it can only attack with kicks and punches. The arm does the hitting whilst the legs do the running.


Mudkeep in Stilioseland

Mudkeep disposed of Buzz Lightyear and Regigigas' bodies after defeating them both and together in Stilioseland.

It is (somehow) brought back to life and fights back in Attempt.

IMG 0087

The birth of Buzzigigas and the disposal of the bodies in Page 18.

They had the ability to (somehow) shred Mudkeep in Shred. The two first appeeared together in Pounce, but were created in Carry.

IMG 0090

Buzzigigas owning Mudkeep in Carry.

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