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Button: Interdimensional Knight is an upcoming action-adventure platformer for the Lone Planet Impetus and Zeta Nebula. It is a complete redesign of an old video game titled Button, and is under development by Lone Planet Productions.


Blark, a dark cloud-like entity, has discovered a way to bend the very fabric of space and time to match his own desires. He has stolen a portal device created by Professor Kud L.E. Kenski, and seeks to use it to create holes in the space-time continuum, bringing together several worlds to form a vast empire.

Button Hiyo, a Fabric Sprite, lives an average middle school life until he realizes that Fabrica is Blark's first target. After Blark invades the city, Button meets up with Professor Kenski, who gives him a spare portal device. Now, he must assemble the Interdimensional Knights to defeat Blark... while encountering several other multiverses in the process.


Players take control of Button, who can "flip" between 2D and 3D a la Super Paper Mario. 2D segments of a stage focus on platforming similar to Super Mario Bros., and 3D portions are filled with enemies that you must fight. However, Button can perform different techniques on these enemies that help him "go with the flow" of platforming.

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