A Typical Butterfly.

Butterflys (Flutterby in Europe) are enimies from the Mario series and are Dolly Koopa's personal minions.

Phisical Apearance

Butterflys are large black insects with large blue wings, they are usualy seen carying a soda. They have red balls on the end of their entenas and are also very lazy


They apear in Flower Power for the first time and are found in Dolly's Castle


A Butterfly in Paper Mario: The Color Stones.

They later appear in Paper Mario: The Color Stones as Dolly's minions during Chapter 1. Five special types of Butterflies (Red Butterflies) assist during Dolly's boss battle. In this game, they have red and pink heads, though Red Butterflies have black and grey heads alongside a red and pink body.

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