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Butch and Cassidy
Butch and Cassidy
Full Name Butch and Cassidy
Current Age 22 & 23
Location Hoenn
Class Team Aqua leaders
Main Weapon(s) Pokemon

Butch and Cassidy are the joined heads of Team Aqua. They joined forces with Teams Magma and Rocket and tried to attack to Grand Festival of Johto however they were defeated by Iron and Cooper or Amber and Tin in Pokemon Copal and Pokemon Amber. In Pokemon Iron they just leave with the other two teams.

In Pokemon Copal they are given an extended role and are trying to conquer the Sevii Islands and are trying to take over Kanto and eventually Johto from the islands. They are battled by Iron or Amber and Copal and once Lorelei.

They take over the Rocket Warehouse and call it the Aqua Warehouse with pools all through it, forcing water Pokémon to evolve.

Pokemon Copal

First Battle

  • lvl 45 - Sharpedo
  • lvl 40 - Poliwrath
  • lvl 35 - Crawdaunt

Second Battle

  • lvl 50 - Sharpedo
  • lvl 45 - Poliwrath
  • lvl 40 - Crawdaunt
  • lvl 40 - Gastrodon (West)

Third Battle

  • lvl 50 - Sharpedo
  • lvl 48 - Poliwrath
  • lvl 45 - Crawdaunt
  • lvl 45 - Gastrodon (West)
  • lvl 43 - Empoleon

Fourth Battle

  • lvl 55 - Sharpedo
  • lvl 50 - Poliwrath
  • lvl 48 - Crawdaunt
  • lvl 46 - Gastrodon (West)
  • lvl 45 - Empoleon

Other Apperances

Wrapped Up

When Jesse and James are recruiting evil groups to take down Iron and Amber in Wrapped Up Butch and Cassidy are the first to sign up after their humiliating defeat, they return to the Sevii islands to attack the children stronger than ever before with the scorn of defeat making them furious. They are playable separately in multiplayer mode.

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