Buster (PMSatAM)
Buster the Bandit.
Full Name Buster
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Species Bandit
Mario, Freedom Fighter
Family and Relations
Unnamed brother
Ability/ies Prank, money theft
Blue Blur (by Koops)

Blue Freak (by Bowser)
Battle Games Thief

Voice Actor(s)
Rei Sakuma (Japanese)

James Carter Cathcart (English)

First Appearance Shokugan Paper Mario Manga

Paper Mario

Buster (in some cases given the full title Buster T. Bandit,), also known in Japan as Bandaster (ボロドーョー Borodōyō?), is a blue Bandit and the protagonist from the Paper Mario manga series and the Paper Mario anime series. He is Mario's first partner. He is the original, blue Bandit without no accessories, and was Kris the Yoshi's opponent in the series of games he has called "Battle Games" (inspired by the Mini-Battles from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island). He's also a best prankster.


Buster was born into the family fortune and a middle name handed down from his father, Buster dreams that he wants to be the world's richest thief. His attitude stems from childhood due to a strict upbringing of learning etiquette, studies, and the family credo. Two of which are the origins of the Mystic Stars and the hidden refuge known as Rogue City.

Acknowledged, Buster has to struggle himself to sail himself alone to Mario's house (as seen in the episode "Mario and the Secret of... LEMMY'S LAIR!"). Along the way, he gets seasick and tries to find a cure very fast, right before Bowser Koopa's Doomship attacked his ship, which sends Buster flying to the Mushroom Kingdom and into Mario's bed. He was then ran to Luigi's closet. This is where Luigi shockingly founded him in the closet, prompting Mario to take a look.


Buster in the anime. Note that Ms. Mowz is unmasked in this picture.

As Mario takes a look, Buster ran off to the kitchen only to snatch Mario's soda, ran off to Princess Peach's castle and gives it to her. The Mario Bros. thinks Peach had Mario's soda, and started attacking her. When Buster then ran away to Toad's house, a Lakitu named Lakilester suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started guarding the door, believing that Buster is the thief (hence he's a Bandit). While having a fight with Lakilester, Mario finally caught Buster and decides to befriend him, thus making Buster to became the one of the Freedom Fighters.


Buster is a stereotypically sneaky, teenaged blue Bandit. He's having sudden issues with some Freedom Fighter members such as a Koopa Troopa named Baxter. Buster's a rather selfish and very well ridden. He's also well greedy, as he wants more money from Wario by snatching them from his pocket.