One day,Buster, a Buster Beetle, and his friends Tux the Bumpty, Boxar the Broozer, and Spike the Tap-Tap. But, a Wallop named Wally came, spreading a piece of bad news. He said that Bully named Ram wants to go to the top of Sacred Mount, so he can awaken the legendary Shadow Dragon, a being capable of destroying the universe. Ram would then brainwash the dragon into helping him rule the world. Buster and co. decide to go to Sacred Mount. When they get to the top, Ram is there. The Shadow Dragon is already awake, and Buster and his friends decide to battle the dragon. After defeating it, it goes back into a deep sleep, and Ram runs away in defeat.


This game is a 2D platformer. Generally, your character can run and jump like in most other 2D platformers.  

Buster's Adventure
Developer(s) Nebula.Inc
Publisher(s) Nebula.Inc
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Nintendo Wii U disc

Each playable character has different abilities. Buster can roll, and toss blocks. Boxar can run quickly, and destroy certain objects. Tux can fly for a short amount of time, and can walk on ice without slipping. Spike can roll like Buster, and he can cling onto walls. Each character also has a special weapon. Buster has the Block Hammer,Boxar has the Firey Fist,Tux has the Ice Staff,and Spike has the Spike Ball.


This game is a 2D platformer for the Wii U. It was developed by Nebula. Inc, and published by it too. It is rated E10+.


Most of this game's enemies are from actual Mario games. Shroobs are the main enemies instead of Goombas.

Goomba Venus Ice Trap Dry Skull Chomp Head Fire Shroob Kritter Mush Iron Golem

Paragoomba Bullet Bill Mr.Blizzard Shroob Speedy Shroob Neek Paramush Constructio

Koopa Cloudless Lakitu Monty Mole Fat Shroob Bandinero Chomps Peeking Croc Flarmin

Koopatrol Spiny Mechakoopa Ghost Shroob Pitchfork Zinger Octo Ninjatort

Volcano Lotus Blooper Poison Shroob Blockhopper Twister Livbulb

Venus Fire Trap Cheep Cheep Metal Shroob Phantomask Eggull


W1-Grassy Meadow

W2-Relaxing Beach

W3-Snowy Plains

W4-Giant Jungle

W5-Ember Volcano

W6-Sacred Mount


This game was inspired by the Fantendo series where a Mario enemy of some kind is the hero. Instead of using the usual Boo or Koopa, I decided to use the lesser-known enemies.


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