Full Name Buster
Current Age 6
Location Violetville
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Baseball

Buster B. Bunty is a new compinanion for Nugg, he debuted in Nugg: Quest for Freedom as the fourth and final member of the playable characters, He speaks in a high pitched "Elmer Fudd" accent.


Nugg, Billy, and Chump arrive at Violetville, they decide to watch a game of baseball when Buster is at bat, then Speero arrives in a giant drill, but is hit with Buster's bat and flees. The three warriors decide to see if they can get Buster on their team. When they arrive at his house, his sister and mother reveal that he dissapeared after the game, Buster was kidnapped by Pooker and Booge, who, of course were relaxing while counting the tiny bunty's money. The duo are beaten and Buster joins the team in thanks. He stays with the team until the final battle.


Buster's offensive attacks involve him either hitting enemies with bat, or swinging balls towards them. His defensive attack is that he bends his ears to bounce the balls back.


Buster is incredibly naive and often takes things literally. He is best known for his antics.