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Developer(s) Blecki Hearts
Publisher(s) Blecki Hearts
Platform(s) PC via Steam
Genre(s) 3D Fighting Game
Release Date(s)
Media Included Download
Burstmania is an upcoming author-appeal 2D fighting game being developed by Blecki Hearts. The game is will have similar mechanics to many fighting games, though the game will look a lot like Super Smash Brothers. The game will also feature a lot of modes and battling strategies than what Smash. Bros had to offer.



More modes are soon to be told.

Special Modes

  • The Great Collision - N/A.
  • Arcade - N/A.
  • Survival -N/A.
  • Training - N/A.
  • Events - N/A.
  • Boss Rush - N/A.

VS. Modes

  • Stock Match - N/A.
  • Health Match - N/A.
  • Launch Match - N/A.
  • Meter Match - N/A.
  • Eight Player Match - N/A.

Extra Modes

Gameplay Mechanics

Playable Characters


Image Info
Mario is the grand hero from the Mushroom Kingdom who will risk his life to protect others in need, especially Princess Peach. This italian plumber is considered the most well-known character in video game history, and he still takes the grand title. Mario is unique in this game as he uses many of his abilities from the "Mario & Luigi" series.
The Legend of Zelda
If you're familiar with the Legend of Zelda series, then you would probably know that Link is the brave hero of Hyrule. Link is also known to smite all evil with his trusty sword, the Master Sword. The hero can also use many battling tools such as bombs, boomerangs, and bows w/ arrows. His appearance in this game is his Hyrule Warriors design.
Kid Icarus
The heroic angel from the Angel Land joins the brawl! Despite his young looks, he is actually the captain of the Palutena Army as well as the servant of Palutena. Pit uses many weapons from Kid Icarus: Uprising, though that does not exclude his iconic weapon, Palutena's Bow.
Sonic 232
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic's the name, and speed's his game! This cocky hedgehog usually stops Dr. Eggman and other villians with his friends. Sonic is one of the fastest characters in the game, making him a tricky yet effective character to play as.
Mega Man
Mega Man Classics
A classic character that barely gets any recognition anymore thanks to Capcom. Mega Man is a robot who serves justice by foiling the evil plans of the infamous Dr. Wily. Mega takes advantage of his many robot master abilities that he uses in Mega Man games.
Mega Man Classics
Roll is a cleaning robot created by Dr. Light and the sister of Mega Man, Proto Man, and the Robot Masters from the first game. Don't judge her appearance thoguh, Roll is actually very feisty and won't back down on a fight. Her broom and other cleaning supplies are the main things Roll uses in her moveset.
Sol GGXrd portriat
Sol Badguy
Guilty Gear
Sol Badguy is a curt yet intelligent bounty hunter who was converted into a gear, a race full of war-like creatures who were more than likely human subjects. He is known to be the rival of Ky Kiske, who he refers to as his "eternal rival". Sol's self-created weapon, Fireseal, can spew out hot flames that can cover the sword and/or spit down projectiles in the ground.
Millia Rage
Guilty Gear
Millia is an elegant russian woman who has magical, shape-shifting hair. Ever since her parents died, Millia has been manipulated to kill others under the command of the Assassin's Guild, soon realizing that her actions were not just, and decides to escape the guild. Forbidden Beast Angra, Millia's hair, can throw out discs and shape-shift into many odd things in battle.
Tumblr mzxgswWzNS1r6eyjlo1 500
Ryuko Matoi
Kill La Kill
Ryuko is the transfer student from Honnouji Academy who has a purpose transfering to the school: to seek revenge on the one who killed her father (in which she assumes Satsuki). Senketsu, a Kamui, aids her in battle by feeding on her blood, giving her a powerful yet skimpy suit. Ryuko and Senketsu can be a really tough duo to face, though Senketsu might turn back into his normal form if Ryuko's hit hard enough.
Akko Kagari
Little Witch Academia
Akko is a witch-in-training who wants to be as succcessful as Shiny Chariot, an ace witch. Struggling doing magic may lead Akko into big trouble, but her valiance certainly makes up for her clumsy witch skills. Using magic and summoning her friends are some of the moves Akko can can use in this game.
Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgrim
This naive boy only has one goal in mind: to defeat Ramona's seven evil exes in order to win her heart. Scott is a bass player part of an indie rock band called Sex Bob-omb and a suprisingly skilled fighter. Scott can combo his foes with ease due to his fast attacks. Another funny thing about him is the fact that he borrows a few attacks from fighting game characters.
A teenage girl who somehow got a hair parasite named "Samson". It is claimed that she has some sort of relation with the Medici Mafia, though she doesn't seem to be as cruel as the other Medici people. With the help of Samson, Filia can use her hair to attack her rivals.
KRTDL Kirby Jump
Hailing from Dream Land is the one and only Kirby! This pink puffball always saves Dream Land (and sometimes other places) from dark villians such as Dark Matter. Kirby's main attribute about him is his Copy Abilities, in which he obtains by inhaling and swallowing a nearby entity to copy their powers.
Kingdom Hearts
Sora is a keyblade wielder who usually goes on a bunch of quests to save worlds from being consumed by the ravenous Heartless. The Kingdom Key, Sora's main blade, is fairly basic yet effective at the same time. In this game, Sora has a lot of magic and skills that originated from the old Kingdom Hearts games to the new Kingdom Hearts games.
Peach M&LRQ
Peach is known to be a damsel-in-distress most of time, but she can actually be a stubborn and mischievous gal. Despite that, she is actually a very sweet and clever character who can find a way to bring the bright-side in dark situations. Peach can use bombs, vegetables, and heartkenesis.
The Legend of Zelda
The princess of Hyrule joins the battle with her Hyrule Warriors attire! She is usually kidnapped by the evil lord Ganondorf and has to rely on the hero of Hyrule, Link, to save her. However, that doesn't mean she can't be a tough cookie to face! Zelda brings a rapier and her magic in battle, similar to her character in Hyrule Warriors.
Kid Icarus
As the ruler of Angel Land, Palutena is one of the most powerful deities in the Kid Icarus universe. However, she has a very playful personality and will usually tease the people she is around. Palutena uses her staff in which she can use many defensive attacks that can heat up the battle easily.
Booker DeWitt
Mr. Dewitt is a private investigator who has an objective in mind: to go explore Columbia and retrieve a girl named Elizabeth. While in his adventures, Booker learns more about his past life and a lot of other backstories for different characters. His moveset consists of vigors and guns.
Jack Frost
Shin Megami Tensei
Hee-ho! The lovable yet badass mascot of Atlus joins the fight! Jack Frost is a fairy demon who is part of the dastardly Jack family tree; his bros being Pyro Jack and Jack the Ripper. Ice spells are the main attacks Jack uses in battle, though he does have other tricks up his sleeve.
Jack Frost
Shin Megami Tensei
An Irish mythical hero who is the son of Lugh and Deichtine. Chulainn is known to single-handely defend Ulster from Queen Mebd's large armies. Cu Chulainn's attacks have long-ranged thanks to his spear. He also has a debuff skill that can gave himself an advantage when brawling.
Takosuke may look like a casual squid, but he's really a hardcore floating squid who ventures around the wonderful world of Parodius. This character uses many of his special shots from the Parodius series. If he uses one of them well in battle, it may get a special upgrade.
Reimu Hakurei
Reimu is the maiden of the Hakurei Shrine. After discovering the strange events happening in Gensokyo, Reimu decides to investigate around there. Reimu uses the Hakurei Ying-Yang Orbs and other aura-based moves to attack.
Marisa Kirisame
The confident magician of Gensokyo joins the fight! Marisa is known to cause mischief around Gensokyo, ranging from burglary to hunting youkai. Magic is what Marisa does best when participating in battle, she's a magician after all!
Yume Nikki
Madotsuki is the silent protagonist of Yume Nikki who is known for her eccentric dreams. Nothing is pleasant-looking in her dreams..... NOTHING. Madotsuki is equipped with many dream abilities she uses in her dreams, and believe it or not, they are actually quite useful in battle.
Sakuma Vector
Rinko Sakuma
Yondemasu yo Azazel-san
Sakuma is the assisstant of Akutabe who usually has to watch over the sinful yet amusing demons that help with detective investigations. She is also contracted to deal with Azazel, the demon of lust, forever in her life. Despite the dilemma she is in, her growing knowledge of demons is leading her to become a dark character. Sakuma may not be an experienced fighter, but that is not need to worry considering her ability to summon the demons he need in battle such as Azazel, Beelzebub, Salamander, etc.
Animal Crossing
A human villager who lives in a town full of bipedal, talking animals. That's pretty much everything you should know about the Villager. This kid uses many tools he uses in the Animal Crossing games, thus making him a pretty diverse character.
Chrono Trigger
Crono is an adventurer that seeks a way to stop a global catastrophe. To do this, he must time travel along with a few other adventurers that strive for the same goal. Crono uses lightning and katana-based attacks to fight.
A deadly Intoner with the gifted ability of manipulating magic through the power of songs. Zero (originally named Rose) is the eldest of the Intoners, and is currently on a killing spree just to hunt for her sisters. Zero uses swift, violent slashes with her blade to attack. She also has her innocent yet powerful dragon sidekick Mikhail to aid her when in trouble.
Pop'n Music
This cool kid is actually a God who remixes music for characters around the Pop'n Music universe. MZD does his work along with his shadow ghost friend, Hatena, and the two of them have been supporting each other ever since. Expect the unexpected when around MZD: his moveset is one of the most unpredictable things when looking at him for the first time.


Image Info
Milla Maxwell
Tales Of Series
Milla is traveler who is an incarnation of the Lord of Spirits, Maxwell. Thanks to her new occupation, she now controls the Four Great Spirits, not to mention that she needs to protect the world from great destruction. Despite this grand description, she still uses a traditional "Tales protagonist" sword.
Unlock Method: Currently unknown.
Shin Megami Tensei
Pixie is a neutral alignment demon who is known to be very friendly towards low-level strangers. This particular pixie however, ventures with a teenage boy who is also a demon in blood. Pixie may be a small character that can get flinged off the stage easily, but her offensive magic and healing skills shouldn't be something to stay unalert.
Unlock Method: Currently unknown.
Hikaru N Akane
Hikaru & Akane
These ladies are two rabbit costume-wearing showgirls that ride on rockets (and you thought that they couldn't be any weirder). They either appear as allies in some games, or enemies in other games. They can summon and ride their fairly fast missles, which can do quite a ton of damage.
Unlock Method: Currently unknown.
Another Intoner who is one of Zero's younger sisters. One is the polar opposite of Zero, having a great sense of justice and responsibility. One has a large, heavy chakram to attack. Like Zero, One also has a dragon who's named Gabriel, who she can summon in battle.
Unlock Method: Currently unknown.


Tier List

Palettes & Alternate Costumes


Image Info
SangSub Kim
Kingdom in the Sky
A festive and large kingdom with lushous green around the sides of the castle. The kingdom is in the background however, and fighters actually fight on top of a flat, grassy mountain with three, flat rock platforms that float.
Many Years After
A futuristic city with many high-tech elements around. Players fight on type of a "Final Destination-esque" platform that moves around the many parts of the city.
Oregon Trail
The Oregon Trail
A stage in which you battle on top of an oxen carriage and green grass. While fighting, the stage may encounter certain events that will be known to the fighters when the "infamous" jingle plays. The following events include: slowing down due to lack of oxen and sick travellers, stopping at places for more equipment and hunting, riding boats (which can drown), the carriage burning up, etc.. If the whole travelling crew dies however, the stage will jump to a grassy area with a single grave, indicating the travellers' deaths. After a while, the stage will jump back to the "carriage" segment of the stage, as if nothing has ever happened.







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