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Full Name Burnos
Current Age 23
Gender Male
Current Status Undead
First Appearance Cursed Enigma - (2012)
Latest Appearance Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm - (2013)

Burnos is a boss in the Cursed Enigma (Series). He appears as the boss of the Underground Mine in Cursed Enigma, and reappears again later in Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm, where he is the boss of the same location.


Burnos is a black cinder, that has fire on his head, which represents his hair. He also has red eyes.


Burnos appears as the boss of World 1 the Underground Mine in Cursed Enigma. He later reappears in the sequel, where his fight is resurrected by Robo.


Cursed Enigma

Bunos appears as the boss of World 1, the Underground Mine, where he guards the Mined Moonstone. The player must use the Wind Gust to blow out the fire on his head. This will head reveal his weak spot. The player must then hit his head three times. Repeat this three more times to defeat him.

Cursed Enigma 2: Virtual Realm

Burnos reappears in the sequel, where he must be fought again, in exactly the same way. He appears in Level 10, the Sky Temple, where the player must fight all the bosses from Cursed Enigma, who were resurrected by Robo.


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