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Burning Spirits is an Action-RPG Umbrella game made by Dark (tbc) and Red (tbc).


The gameplay in Burning Spirits is similar to Fantendo Chronicles, being an action-RPG with moral choices. Burning Spirits, like Fantendo Chronicles, have a story mode separted in two modes, Heroes and Villians. The game works similarly to Kingdom Hearts, with a large, open-world and battles taking place on it, the player can freely escape from battles if they want to. Each character have a special ability and two weapons. Boss battles takes place in closed arenas, to prevent the player from running. Like in the LEGO games, there is a wheel of characters, making the player easily switch characters during the game.

Playable Characters

There are 150 characters total, 75 per side.


Image Character Description
Crono Crono
Chrono Trigger
Hero of the time, savior of the planet. Crono was just a normal boy, when he meet with Marle and Lucca's machine, he discovered that he was destined to save the planet from an unknown alien who is residing underneath the planet. Crono is a master of lightning and an expert swordsman.
Next sonic 00 Sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog
Blue streak, speeds by, Sonic the Hedgehog! He is the fastest character in the game, and can use his spin dash and wisp attacks to battle. He also can use shields. 
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic's hot headed friend, he is a strong character, who mostly uses punches to attack. He can also glide for a short time.
PikachuDream Pikachu
Mouse Pokémon, Pokédex Nº 25, Electric-type, from the Kanto region. Pikachu is probably the most well known Pokémon for being Ash's companion through the anime series, he is a quite small character, but he knows a variety of electric moves and some other moves as well.
Mariossbi Mario
Super Mario Bros
Mario is a brave plumber who attacks with Fireballs and Koopa Shells. He also can use a hammer or his go-kart, and is the most balanced character in the game. 
Marthssbi Marth
Fire Emblem
Marth is a prince, and attacks with swift sword blows. He is very agile, but doesn't deal much knocback.
FrozenElsa Elsa
The snow queen of Arendelle, Elsa is the older daughter of the King and Queen of Arendelle, Elsa born with mysterious ice powers, which would let her mainpulate the cold. Due an accident when she was young, the kingdom was forced to close. Nobody could get out, nobody could get it. When she grew older, she managed to control her powers. Elsa uses ice magic.
Kirbopher Kirbopher
A brash little imp, who is secretly Zetto's second account, Kirbopher plays TOME to have fun and battle foes. He uses his magical sword to fight, and is the best at sneaking up on enemies.
SisselNvC Sissel
Ghost Trick
Sissel was just a human. Was. He was killed under mysterious circustances, which turned him into a ghost, but he got something special, ghost tricks. Sissel can posses objects, travel through phone lines and his main ability, return 4 minutes before the death of a person that recently died.
Naruto uzumaki psd by demonfoxwwe-d2znyu7 Naruto
A ninja from the Hidden Leaf village, Naruto uses his Chakra for many powerful attacks, such as the Shadow Clone Jutsu and the Rasengaan. 
MakotoNaegiTransparent Makoto Naegi
Dangan Ronpa
The Super High School Level Good Luck (more like bad luck) who was trapped in a school with strange, talented students and a psychotic evil bear. Naegi uses Komaru's Megaphone from Dangan Ronpa: Another Episode, a weapon that shoots words by just yelling at the end of it. When the words hit, the enemy then does a certain action depending on the word (breakdance, move, etc.)


Image Character Description
Darkside Darkside
Kingdom Hearts
Darkside is a giant heartless, who is incredibely powerful and have the power to summon other smaller heartless, though he is a very slow character.
Shao Kahn Shao Kahn
Mortal Kombat
Shao Kahn only desires one thing: control over Earthrealm. And all other worlds for that matter. He uses his hammer and can make spears and other weapons out of pure energy! (Suck it Green Lantern!) He is a very strong character, second only to Darkside.
Mr L Mr. L
Super Mario Bros
Luigi has been in Mario's shadow for far too long, and now his dark side has took over. He uses fireballs and the brobot.
LectroYE Lectro
Lectro wants revenge for being a scrapped character! He uses recolored versions of Sonic's moves, and can shoot lightning. However, the lightning part mostly damages himself.
Herobrine2 Herobrine
A glitch character in Minecraft, Herobrine uses a diamond sword as well as glitch abilities. He also can set things on fire. 


There are 20 different enemies for each story, with 40 in total.

Hero Story Enemies


Villain Story Enemies


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