is the brother of Johalva and Johan, the son of Danan, the half-nephew of Lex, and the grandson of Langobalt. Unlike the rest of his family in the second generation, he is not stationed in Isaac, but at Dozel Castle. He fights you in the Final Chapter with the Swanchika, and he perishes.

Unlike his Father and Grandfather Burian seemed to be merely misguided and fighting for family honor.

Nintendo vs. Capcom

Burian appears as a hidden playable character in Nintendo vs. Capcom. He is unlocked along with his brothers Johalva and Johan by beating Arcade with Lex. In his story he is on a campaign to supress anyone that could threaten the Dozel family. In his ending he asks his 2 other brothers Johalva and Johan if they would like to join his rule after he defeats Ganondorf.

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