Burglar King
Burglarking dusk
His debut appearence
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Twilight Teddy (Enemy)
First Appearance Twilight Teddy: Dusk
Latest Appearance Fantendo Kart Rhino
The Burglar king is the, of course, king of all theives, and uses lots of gadgets, such as suction cups, graphling hooks, and wings. He's also eqipped with a very powerful sneeze.


The Burglar King is a very grumpy, grouchy, bossy, jerk, very comparable to King Dedede. He's never nice, and loves explosions. His first word was "TNT", so that could explain why. Aside from that, some beleve that he may have a soft side, twisted and strangled up in a tangled wreck of despicableness. Most try to avoid him, though.



A full artwork gallery of the Burglar King.

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