Burger Legends
Developer(s) LYON Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) DeluxGamer
Release Date(s)
Single Player, Quickplay, Survival
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Strategy
Media Included DeluxGamer Card

Burger Legends is a strategy game that involves making burgers. It was released for the DeluxGamer. This is the first game developed by LYON Games to not involve the Mario series.


Greatly using the touch screen, the gameplay involves moving a restaurant owner, named Aaron, around his restaurant. The commands are given by clicking on the utilities, like an oven, or a condiment dispenser, to do things to the burger currently being made. The burger must be served before the customer loses all his or her patience, represented by smileys. Different customers have different patience levels.
Bl patience meter

The patience meter for Burger Legends.

While the customer loses patience, the smiley will disappear slowly in a counterclockwise manner. The patience goes in order from right to left. In between levels, the player can use his/her gained money to buy upgrades for Aaron's kitchen. Months serve as levels in the game, and the restaurant gets bigger every year. The fifth year is the last year. To take an order, Aaron must give the customer a menu. Then, when there is a check mark above the customer's head, he/she can be clicked on for the order (for example, "I'd like a hamburger with ketchup, mustard and lettuce). Then, when the order is finished, Aaron should give it to the customer, who will give the money. For a hamburger, it is $20. Each condiment is $2.50, and each fix-in is $2. Also, the more patience the customer has, the more of a tip you'll get.


In the kitchen, Aaron can have three stoves, three condiment dispensers, a deep fryer, and two fix-in machines. You start out with a stove and a condiment dispensers. Upgrades do the job faster than the original model.


Item Cost Upgrade for... Feature
Stove $500 Nothing Cooks hamburgers
Speed Stove $1000 Stove Cooks hamburgers quickly
Burgerama $2000 Speed Stove Cooks hamburgers very fast
Condiment Dispenser $350 Nothing Dispenses ketchup, mustard, or mayonaisse
Condiment DX $600 Condiment Dispenser Dispenses condiments quickly
Condiment DX 2.0 $1000 Condiment DX Dispenses condiments very fast
Fix-inator $400 Nothing Gives burgers lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, pickles, or bacon
Fix-in Flash $750 Fix-inator Gives burgers fix-ins quickly
Fix-infinity $1250 Fix-in Flash Gives burgers fix-ins very fast
Small Fry $300 Nothing Makes fries slowly, which can help boost customers patience.
Deep Fryer $700 Small Fry Makes fries at a moderate speed.
Flash Fryer $1000 Deep Fryer Makes fries quickly.

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