First Appearance Hey You, Pichu!
Latest Appearance LEGO Pokemon: The Video Game
Current Inhabitant(s)
Humans, Pokemon

Burbong is a large town featured in Hey You, Pichu!. It is in the region of Mulwaree and it has it's own Pokemon lab and it's own proffesor so it is assumed that it is in a new region.

When on walks through Burbong players can notice a contest hall and a construction site with various Machamps and Vigoroths in the background. Many pokemon wander into the town so it is assumed to be near a field. Sometimes in Mankeys are seen in the background stealing things from various NPCs, police officers male and female can be seen chasing them with Growlithes.

In LEGO Pokemon: The Video Game Burbong is not as large however there is a contest hall where the normal rank contests are held, you must have at least one gym badge for this. A police station is also in here which you can visit and assist the police in some bonus missions, this is the only way to get a Growlithe. The town is also right near a field where Rattata, Mankey, Zigzagoon, Sentret and Bidoof are found.


  • Burbong is the Aboriginal name for the Australian city of Goulburn