Hi, Mario! I'm Bunty! No, I'm not one of those Bunties at those Plains... I am THE Bunty! I'm one of Daisy's subjects and I'm here to help you!
Bunty, Super Mario Star Journey

Bunty's appearance in Super Mario Star Journey.
Full Name Bunty
Location Sarasaland (Probably)
Class Ally
Main Weapon(s) None

Bunty is one of Princess Daisy's subjects in the Super Mario series. He's part of the Bunty species. It appears in Super Mario Virtue.


He adores flowers and their smell, like Daisy. He doesn't have much courage, like Toad.


Unlike other Bunties, he has a special sense of smell. He can smell something that humans usually can't smell, even from far away.

Game Appearances

Bunny Journey

Bunty, and the Bunty species, debuted in Super Mario Star Journey. Unlike most Bunties, he resides near Patchy Flower Patches. In the first mission, Mario has to follow him, as he smelled a Power Star from far away. However, he can't move with an enemy in the way, so Mario has to make his path clear by defeating enemies while following him.

He appears again in the second mission, as he informs Luigi that Daisy's been captured by Petey Piranha.