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Current Bumpty Tales logo

Bumpty Tales is an upcoming 3-D side scrolling game to be released for sale at the Wii Shop channel for 250 Wii Points. The release date has yet to be confirmed, however, the developers stated that an early 2011 release was certainly possible.



Size Comparison for the Bumpties

On top of Icicle Mountain, there was a small village composing of short penguin critters that were always peaceful. However, over the years, the village grew larger and larger. So large, that many Bumpties began leaving to mountain because of the overcrowding. The new heroes, a group of 4 Bumpty children, and their families, are on the verge on this same issue. Asking the mayor on his plans to save the community, the mayor chuckled, saying, "Maybe you should go look for extra spaces on the mountain!" The Bumpties didn't get his joke, and they traversed far from the village and decided to split up. The game is divided into 4 unique storylines for 4 unique Bumpties as they try to save their village from overcrowding.

Gut's Story

Bumpty Name Bumpty Description
Gut is the largest and strongest Bumpty child in his village! Despite his large frame, he is extremely kind and will do anything for his friends.

Gut decides to venture the north side of Icicle Mountain. Using his great size and strength, he must deal with the larger enemies that reside on the mountain.

Lulu's Story

Bumpty Name Bumpty Description
Lulu is the only female Bumpy child in the group. Being the smartest of the bunch, she is able to find Icicles faster and more frequently!

Lulu decides to search the east side of Icicle Mountain for spots. The east side of the mountain is abundant in anti-Bumpty species, which forces Lulu to make use of her ability to find more Icicles.

Pumpernickel's Story

Bumpty Name Bumpty Description
Being the smallest of the group, Pumpernickel is always target for short jokes. However, despite his small stature, he is the fastest Bumpty child of them all!

Pumpernickel chooses the west side of Icicle Mountain. The west side is more flat than the other sides, allowing Pumpernickel to have an easier time running.

Flaps's Story

Bumpty Name Bumpty Description
Flaps isn't exactly the strongest, but his wings are the longest out of the Bumpty children. He has always taken pride in his incredible jumping ability!

Flaps is stuck with the south side of Icicle Mountain, the most jagged and dangerous side of the mountain. His immaculate jumping ability assists him in traversing the massive dips and drops.


After finding the perfect spots for settling, the Bumpties arrive back to the spot in which they decided to split up. They enter the village together and tell the mayor the spots they found. Drawings and maps of the spots are presented to him, and he begins to praise the children. The screen fades black and then shows many Bumpty families leaving the village. Gut and his family are seen leaving too. The other three penguins say their good-byes. However, Guts decides to lighten the mood by throwing a snowball at Pumpernickel. A large, friendly snowball fight begins . The snowball fight keeps going on as the credits show. Once the credits end, Lulu hugs Gut and "THE END" is shown on the screen.


The gameplay of Bumpty Tales will consist of a 3-D side scrolling engine, in which the Bumpty will walk across the landscape and avoid numerous obstacles and defeat many enemies. At the end of each stage, a Goonie will appear and transport the protaganist to another area of the mountain of which it resides on. A Bumpty will have 100 Health Points (HP) for each level. Each hit from an enemy does 10 damage to the Bumpty. To defeat an enemy, the Bumpty is able to jump on top of the foe or find an Icicle that allows the Bumpty to bounce enemies off of him/her. Each type of Icicle has a special bounce effect!

Icicle Icicle Effect
Bounce Icicle The Bumpty grows 2x rounder and larger and allows it to bounce enemies back without any special effect for 30 seconds!
Blaze Icicle This red icicle with keep the Bumpty at his regular size, however, he will be able to turn any enemy he bumps into a steamed meal! Lasts for 15 seconds.
Frostbite Icicle Looks like a bounce icicle, but freezes any enemy into an ice cube if touched! Lasts for 15 second.
Shock Icicle A yellow icicle that will paralyze any foe that touches a Bumpty for 5 seconds! This ability lasts for 15 seconds.
Leech Icicle A rare, green icicle that drains the health of any enemies and restores health back to the Bumpty. This icicle with affect all enemies on the screen.

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