Bully Bear
Bully Bear
The bone breaking bear
Full Name Bully Bear
Gender Male
Species Polar Bear
Current Status Active
Class Antagonist, Boss
Professor X2's Bodyguard, Member of SSSSS
Main Weapon(s) Fists
Ability/ies Punching, Carrying Heavy Things
Voice Actor(s)
Kevin Micheal Richardson
First Appearance Skip and Sqak 2 (1996)
I'm gonna wrap my bone-snapping fingers across your PUNY...TINY...FRAGILE, neck!
Bully, Skip and Sqak 2

'Bully Bear is one of the members of the SSSSS in Skip and Sqak 2. He is a tough polar bear who works as Professor X2's bodyguard. He, like his fellow henchman, try to kill off SSFF but fails miserably. In SS2, Bully tried to turn Ant Grunts to Ant Brutes with a chemical made by Dr. Sakerine. At the end of the game, Bully gets arrested and put in jail with the other villains.