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Bullet Surge is a 2D run-n'-gun platformer developed by Sixgon for The V². The game is intended to be an arcade-esque, simple yet refined action platformer, reminiscent of 16-32 games, especially those of the Sega Genesis (the biggest inspiration being Gunstar Heroes).


It is the year 2099 B.C.E. In the dead of the night, a government run research lab is attacked. The raid leaves a whole crew of scientist dead, thousands of dollars in damage, and precious experimental weapons technology missing.

The notorious terrorist organization Mirage claims responsibility for the theft, and taunts the government with a message: the weapons technology is en route to their headquarters. With their forces ravaged by prior attacks, the government is hesitant to intervene. However, one soldier volunteers to go the mission alone...

Soldier Valeri Lacroix is dispatched to pursue the Mirage members transporting the stolen technology. Upon catching wind of this, Mirage dispatches an onslaught of soldiers and machines in order to slow her progress. Now, Valeri most not only catch those holding the technology, but she must also liberate that which Mirage has taken, and weaken their forces on her way.


Gameplay takes place on a 2D plane, in a number of stages.



  • V2Directional/Left Thumbstick - Move/Aim
  • V2Action Red - Jump
  • V2Action Green - Punch
  • V2Action Purple/Left Inner Trigger - Surge Nova
  • V2Action Blue/Right Inner Trigger - Surge Rush
  • Left Shoulder Button - Strafe Stance
  • Right Shoulder Button - Aim Stance
  • Left Bottom Trigger - Roll/Flip left
  • Right Bottom Trigger - Roll/Flip right
  • Right Thumbstick - Aim (Strafe Stance only)

Soldier Mech

  • V2Directional/Left Thumbstick - Move
  • V2Action Red - Jump
  • V2Action Green - Punch
  • V2Action Purple/Left Inner Trigger - Self Destruct
  • V2Action Blue/Right Inner Trigger - Block
  • Left Shoulder Button/Right Shoulder Button - Destruct Dash
  • Left Bottom Trigger/Right Bottom Trigger - Dash Punch

Heavy Assault Mech

  • V2Directional/Left Thumbstick - Move
  • V2Action Red - Jump
  • V2Action Green - Fire
  • V2Action Purple/Left Inner Trigger - Self Destruct
  • V2Action Blue/Right Inner Trigger - Lob Grenade
  • Left Shoulder Button/Right Shoulder Button - Destruct Dash


  • V2Directional/Left Thumbstick - Move
  • V2Action Red - Jump
  • V2Action Green - Fire
  • V2Action Purple/Left Inner Trigger/V2Action Blue/Left Inner Trigger - Turbo Boost

Aeolus Jet

  • V2Directional/Left Thumbstick - Move
  • V2Action Red - Jump
  • V2Action Green - Fire
  • V2Action Purple/Left Inner Trigger - Surge Nova
  • V2Action Blue/Left Inner Trigger - Surge Drone
  • Left Shoulder Button/Right Shoulder Button - Rotate Drones
  • Left Bottom Trigger/Right Bottom Trigger - Drop Bomb

General Rules

Valeri can move around and jump as expected, as well as fire upon her enemies. The main objective is to defeat enemies and clear the area of any bosses or obstacles, in order to allow a safe path to the end of the stage. Clearing all stages results in winning the game.

Valeri's HUD displays multiple meters. Upon taking damage, Valeri will not flinch, but her Life Meter will be depleted somewhat, and she will have brief invulnerability. Once the meter is depleted, a Life is lost. Valeri's Life Meter starts at 100, but can be overfilled to up to 150 points by collecting extra Life items.

Stages may feature alternate routes that lead to other stages. Most routes feature an end boss of some kind, but many stages also feature mini bosses. Bosses are so frequent that they can be considered their own segment or mechanic in the game. When a boss appears, its name and Life Meter appear at the bottom of the screen.

Basic Abilities

As stated before, Valeri's main ability is firing her Power Rifle. By default, she fires in the direction she is moving (including if she is holding a diagonal direction), though this can be altered with Stances (explained below). Some weapons will allow the fire button to be held for rapid fire, but Valeri's default weapon will not.

Valeri can change her weapon by collecting Weapon Items, which are randomly dropped by certain objects. Her current weapon is shown in the HUD, as well as its ammo. When a weapon runs out of ammo, Valeri reverts to her default weapon.

Valeri can Roll either left or right by using the desired trigger. Rolling will make Valeri completely invulnerable to enemy fire until the very end of the move. Performing a Roll in the air will perform the similar Flip. Flips have the same properties, but also provide slight lift. Only one Flip can be performed while airborne, however.

Surge Power

Valeri's Assault Gear is powered by energy known as Surge Power. The power stored in her Surge Engine is displayed in the HUD's Surge Meter.

The Surge Meter is divided into two segments, and fills slowly over time. However, the meter will fill much faster as Valeri is hurt. Once a segment is filled Valeri will be able to perform critical actions.

One segment can be expended to perform Surge Rush, an extremely fast, airborne dash in the direction Valeri is facing. It plows through enemies and some hazards, but stops at wall. Both segments can be expended to perform a Surge Nova. Surge Nova will damage every enemy on screen, no matter if they are protected by shields.

Stance System

Valeri can switch between Stances to better optimize her performance in battle. Her default Stance in Free Stance. Free Stance is very standard: Valeri can freely move, and where she is moving, she is also aiming. She can also enter Strafe Stance. In Strafe Stance, Valeri remains aiming in the direction she was facing, while she can move back and forth as well as jump without changing her aiming direction. Finally, Valeri can make use of Aim Stance. Using Aim Stance will have Valeri remain completely still (although she can jump), but she can aim in any direction without moving. These three stances allow variety and flexibility in how Valeri will approach a situation.


Some stages feature vehicle segments.


Standard Mode is the default way to play. It features a simple Map screen in-between each stage (as well as an optional tutorial). Every time you clear three stages or routes (for the first time), you are given the option to save. If Valeri loses all of her Lives, you must return to your last save. Classic Mode is intended to replicate an older game experience. It features no Map screen, and therefore no back-tracking. There are also no opportunities to save. Each mode shares the same variety of difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane.



Collecting a weapon that you are already holding will fully restore its ammo.

Name Description Max Ammo Damage
Bullet Valeri's starting weapon. Fires a basic yellow energy shot forward. Dissipates upon hitting anything. Has a quick firing rate and no limit of on-screen shots, but is unable to rapid fire. 2
Spread Fires three orange, arrow-shaped energy projectiles outward for ever button press. Can be held for rapid fire, and for every sime it is fired, the "first" shot (the "middle" of the first spread) will be fired straight where Valeri aims. All subsequent shots are fired at a random angle within a 45° cone, giving this weapon good- albeit unpredictable- coverage. There is no limit of shots on-screen. 600 1
Flame Shoots a stream of fire as long as the button is held. The stream only reaches so far, but its range can be extended by rapidly tapping the button at the cost of more ammo. Able to rapidly damage enemies. 500 5
Missile Fires an accelerating missile straight forward, though it may periodically "sway". The missile will damage enemies that it hits, as well as release a splash radius that passes through shields. Up to three missiles can be on-screen at a time. 10 8 (direct hit)
3 (splash)
Ray Fires an orange laser in a straight line as long as the button is pressed. It is "attached" to Valeri's rifle. The ray is able to pierce shields and damage enemies multiple times. 500 2
Seeker Fires a purple laser that seeks out enemies. There is no shot limit. 500 4
Grenade Fires an arcing bomb that explodes after a set amount of time. Touching anything will cause it to simply bounce away. Two bombs can be on-screen at once. 15 9 (explosion)
1 (hit)
Pulse Fires a green energy shot that moves forward in a sine wave pattern. Upon hitting anything, it bounces and begins to move in a new direction. Once it hits something for a third time, it dissipates. Can be rapid-fired, and up to four shots can be on-screen. 20 3
Cutter Fires a white, spinning, crescent-shaped energy shot that goes forward to a point, then begins to return to Valeri. Cutter Is able to pass through enemies and walls, but is stopped by shields. Will damage enemies every time it passes through them, and can damage enemies even as it comes back. Only two can be on-screen at once. 15 3
Field Sends out a black, slow-moving field of energy. Deals multiple hits to enemies and passes through everything. Most projectiles are destroyed by Field, and if Valeri stands in the field, she becomes invulnerable to enemies and their attacks. If the field takes too much damage (or remains on-screen for too long), it will dissipate. No rapid fire, and only one field on-screen at a time. 10 3
Railgun By simply tapping the fire button, a basic blue energy shot is fired forward.
By pressing and holding the button, Valeri can charge Railgun for up to three levels. Level one fires a larger energy blast that can plow through enemies, and has slight recoil. Level two will fire an even larger energy blast, as well as two energy rings outward alongside the blast. The large blast can pierce shields, and the rings have the properties of the basic shot. Level two has more recoil. Level three fires a huge energy wave, which is accompanied by two drill-like shots on the side (as well as more recoil). The large wave has all properties of the previous shots, as well as the ability to pass through solid obstacles, while the drills function as level two's blast.
If Valeri is Supercharged, this weapon will always fire level three, but with the cost of level one and no recoil.
10 3 (level 0)
5 (level 1)
7 (level 2)
10 (level 3)
Pellet Fires a small, slow, white energy pellet forward. Only one can be on-screen at a time. A very poor weapon. 5 1


Name Description
Health Restores Valeri's Life Meter by 10 points.
Health + Restores Valeri's Life Meter by 25 points.
Health - Restores Valeri's Life Meter by 2 points.
Ammunition Fully restores the ammo of your weapon.


Name Description
Supercharge Removes all damage from direct contact with enemies, and increases the damage that Valeri deals by 25% for a limited time.


Name Description Routes
Stage 0
Training Simulator
A cyberspace area. The stage takes place in a single room that changes shape. Targets, dummies and other objects appear to run down how to play. None
Stage 1
Raided Laboratory
TBA Stage 2
Stage 0
Stage 2
City Siege
TBA Stage 3
Stage 3
Twilight Rooftops
TBA Stage 4
Stage 4
Power Station
TBA Stage 5a
Stage 5b
Stage 5a
Deep Shelter
TBA Stage 6
Stage 5b
Mecha Factory
TBA Stage 6
Stage 6
Air Raid
TBA Stage 7a
Stage 7b
Stage 7a
Desert Outpost
TBA Stage 8a
Stage 8b
Stage 7b
Mining Operation
TBA Stage 8c
Stage 8a
Undersea Dome
TBA Stage 9a
Stage 9c
Stage 8b
Weapons Testing Range
TBA Stage 9b
Stage 9c
Stage 8c
Cold Storage
TBA Stage 9a
Stage 9b
Stage 9a
Scorching Foundry
TBA Stage 10
Stage 9b
Teleporter Trap
TBA Stage 10
Stage 9c
Cyber Jungle
TBA Stage 10
Stage 10
Mirage Tower
TBA Ending
Stage X
Stage X
Antimatter Zone
secret None



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