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Bullet Man is a game made by Karoler. It features a Megaman-esque character who tries to stop Dr. Bonezone from turning the world into rubble. This is the first of many games to come in the series.


Bullet Man:

Bullet Man is a robot developed by Dr. Nice to stop Dr. Bonezone from taking over the world and destroying it with his weapons of mass destruction. He has 2 weapons, the Punch Fist and the Bullet Gun. The Punch Fist lets you puch through rocks and weak enemies, while the Bullet Gun lets you fire from far away. Bullet Man can also collect power ups to make him stronger like the Invincibility Shield, which makes him invincible.

Dr. Nice:

The creator of Bullet Man, he was assassinated by Dr. Bonezone's soldiers long ago, but still aids Bullet Man as a ghost.

Dr. Bonezone:

The remains of Dr. Evul, reanimated by his soul. He has many mechas and he has a signature handgun that shoots out energy balls. He may seem like a pushover who lets his mechs do the dirty work, but he is very intelligent and has many tricks up his sleeve.

Shadow Flash:

Dr. Bonezone's most powerful mecha, the Shadow Flash has the unique ability to turn to a gaseous state where it can go invisible for short periods of time. It is extremely nimble, despite being a towering beast. Let's hope you won't have to fight Shadow Flash (you will).


Bullet Man is for the PC, which means it can only be controlled with a keyboard. You press Z to jump, the ASDW (or arrow) keys to move, the C button to punch, and the X button to shoot.


Below is a list of bosses and the areas they inhabit. It is necessary to defeat all 6 of these mechanical monstrosities to continue.

World Boss
Big Plains Flaminator
Woodcut Jungle Grass Attack
Underwater Eden Submera
Hydroelectro Plant Hydromagneto
Volcanic Wasteland Lava Dome
Warship Ocean Buoyant Bob
Space Castle Dr. Bonezone


Here is the art I made for this game.


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