Bullet Baxter
Baxter PMTSoT
Bullet Baxter
Full Name Bullet Baxter
Current Age 22
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Ability/ies Can pass over spikes and lava
Body Slam
Bill Storm
Flaming Tackle
First Appearance Paper Mario: The Shards of Time

Bullet Baxter is a character who debuts in Paper Mario: The Shards of Time. He is a Bullet Bill who defected from his master, Emperor Brutus, a while ago. He is also the third Party Member to be recruited; he is recruited in Dry Dry Outpost.


Physical Description

Baxter is really no different from any other Bullet Bill, except he has a more mahogany hue, a fang sticking out of his mouth, and a small ponytail.


His Field Ability allows Mario to ride on his back and travel faster. It also allows him to pass safely over spikes and lava.


No Rank305
Super Rank3510
Ultra Rank4015
Omega Rank5025


NameDesc.Base Dmg.No# of HitsEffectTarget(s)Action Cmd.Flower Pts.Rank
Body SlamRam into the foe.3 (Normal rank)
4 (Super rank)
5 (Ultra rank)
6 (Omega rank)
1Damages foe.First ground-bound foe.Hold the Control Stick to the left until the button lights up, then release.0Start
Bill StormSend a flurry of Baby Bills raining onto all foes.3-6 (depending on how many of the correct buttons were pressed)1Damages foe. 20% chance of causing Dizziness in any of the foes.All foes.Press the correct buttons in sequence.5Super
Flaming TackleBarrel into all foes in front of you while releasing fire from behind.5-8 (depending on how much the attack is "charged" by pressing "A" repeatedly; tackle)
3 (trailing fire)
1Damages foe. 20% chance of causing a burn to any of the foes.All ground-bound foes are hit by the tackle as well as the fire. Flying foes can be damaged by the fire only.Press "A" repeatedly to charge up power.7Omega




Baxter isn't one to display emotions very often. He tends to be rather apathetic, and often replies to things with "Meh" or "Whatever".


"Baxter. Just call me Baxter."


"Whatever, let's go."