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The Blackout Trigger

"Bullet" written by Exotoro

Bullet is the fourth episode in Fantendo the Animated Series: The Next Generation. It was written by series creator Exotoro.

This episode follows Unten as he attempts to find out why he came back, believing that the red uniformed man he saw in the power plant might have to do with it. In a attempt to locate him, he becomes "Bullet" but gets lost in the identity.


Unten sets out to find out why he came back and who brought him back. Making his way into the red light district of Eastpine, he comes across a violent gang with blue tattoos all over their body. After almost nearly being killed by their shots, he decides to adopt a new identity called "Bullet".

Bullet heads to the gas station, where he buys a bunch of fake cigarettes and a machine gun. Bullet sets to find a man in a red uniform. In a club, he finds a clue to the man's location, although a bunch of gang members quickly turn their guns on him, forcing him to scare them off with the machine gun.

Bullet is traumatized by his actions, but is forced to keep up the act. Slowly, Unten realizes that his Bullet persona is taking over him. He looks at a tv, where he watches a tiger dance to distract it's prey, but the prey love his dancing so much and soon it becomes the only thing he knows.

The end credits are simply text that say "Part 1/2".

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