A 3D Bulky Bob-omb artwork.

Bulky Bob-ombs are very large, pink Bob-ombs that first appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. These massive Bob-ombs are stronger than their little counterparts, as they cause more damage when attacking. Bulky Bob-ombs will light their fuse in the first turn and then, in the other turns, they will increase their stats, such as the defense and power. In the fifth turn, they'll explode. When this happens, it will cause massive damage on Mario, his ally, the other enemies, and will cause a chain reaction if there are other Bob-ombs nearby it.

Another sub-species called Bob-ulks are purple in color. Oddly, those are a bit smaller than Bulky Bob-ombs, but they can cause much more damage.


In the way of Mario's Epic Quest

Bulky Bob-ombs appear in New Super Mario RPG as extremely rare enemies, only appearing the Omega Chamber, the final area in the game. They have the highest HP, give off the most EXP, and drop the most coins (they even drop more than Gold Goombas!). This makes them good for training, but they are extremely hard to defeat.

These are their attacks:

  • Body Slam - Bulky Bob-omb chases the player so the can jump on and crush them, dealing massive damage. This attack cannot be counterattacked, but you can dodge it.
  • Explosion - Bulky Bob-omb selfdestructs, killing itself and dealing lots of damage to the player. However, the player will not gain Coins or EXP when the Bulky Bob-omb is defeated like this. This attack cannot be counterattacked or dodged.
  • Bob-omb Headbutt - Bulky Bob-omb whistles for 3 Bob-ombs, which jump on its head and are then rocketed toward the player. The player can however jump over them, allowing you to dodge the attack. This attack cannot be counterattacked, however.
  • Bob-omb Summon - Bulky Bob-omb summons 2 Bob-ombs to help it.