Bulb Yoshi.

Bulb Yoshi is one of Yoshi's Power-Ups, which debuted in Super Mario Galaxy 2. Yoshi obtains this Power-Up when eating a Bulb Berry.


Yoshi is covered under a golden phosphor-like light, which allowed him to see invisible passages. This light is temporary, and Yoshi will turn back normal whenever he can't give anymore light. Yoshi has to eat more Bulb Berries to extend his power.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5

Bulb Yoshi reappears in Super Mario Galaxy 2.5.


  • Bulb Yoshi is very similar to Light Mario from New Super Mario Bros. IC. They both give light and both can find hidden passages. But Light Mario can also give light in the dark, while Bulb Yoshi doesn't do that.

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