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First design of a male Barmy Buffoon.

Buffoons are a species which are divided into two breeds, the Bizarre Buffoons and the Barmy Buffoons. These breeds have several differences which seperates them from each other. They are all rather small in size and height but can grow or gain weight if they sustain a healthy diet, but due to being so immature they generally choose not to maintain a healthy lifestyle and therefore stay at their typical size.

Bizarre Buffoons

Bizarre Buffoons are very strange creatures (hence their name) who participate in odd activites and such.


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Common Personality Traits

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Buffoon FANS

An artwork of a buffoon in Fantendo and Nintendo Sports.

Barmy Buffoons

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Barmy Buffoons have a green-skined rectangular head, slightly covered by their hair (their hair colour differs between individuals). These heads are covered in many small yet visable dark green spots, as is the rest of their body. Their eyes (colour difference for individuals) are spiral shape which makes them appear either crazy or hypnotised. They generally are missing more teeth then the average human, with only around one or two remaining due to poor dental hygiene and constant consumption of junk food rotting away their teeth and gums. When you see a Barmy Buffoon it is common to see it grinning, it is rare to see one frowning. Usually a Barmy Buffoon will be holding an item of unhealthy food such as a burger, pizza, sweets, fries, lollypop or some other form of sugary/junk food. Some Barmy Buffoons will have sproated horns due to the amount of mischeif they have caused.

Common Personality Traits

In comparision to Bizarre Buffoons, Barmy Buffoons have less common sense and therefore don't think through their actions before performing them, this results into them frequenty getting into mischief and trouble inadventantly. On the other hand, although most of the mischief they create is acidental, they still love to play pranks on unsuspecting victoms.



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