Buckley The Toad
Full Name Buckley Jay Smith
Current Age 19
Gender Male
Species Toad
Location England in Real World
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Veggies, heavy weapons that he drops on strong enemys to defeat (anvils, anchors, a giant clam, etc.)
Ability/ies To have a strength of a Superhuman
Vulnerable To Being hit as Small Buckley
Buckley is a character who is a Toad, he is starred in his own series with his own name of what is a spin-off of mario, he lives in the real world in England where he takes a secret Warp Pipe down to the Fruitberry Kingdom world where he protects the inhabitants of Fruit Town from the evil sinister Bronzer (a Bronze version of bowser who is alive) and his Bronza Troopas (also bronze version of koopa troopas who are alive).


He has a red jacket and orange spots on his hat, and appears to wear glasses, he wears blue powerful shoes which has jets under them


He has a brave personality, he hates nerds who call him "Freak", he likes to have fun on his own and has passion for Songs, he is rival with Bronzer

Game Appearance


He makes his debut in this game, Bronzer takes over the Fruitberry Kingdom and Buckley is far away from the kingdom and journeys to the kingdom, he has 5 abilitys he can trigger - Throwing a giant bomb at a crack if the red meter is full, Jetflying above long gaps if the blue meter is full, and to Teleport if the yellow meter is full, and make the screen flash thus making the enemies dizzy if the cream-colored meter is full, and drop heavy objects on big and tough enemys if the purple meter is full, he could unlock those abilitys by defeating 5 world bosses who has those abilitys, he has 1 default ability which is a attack which will make him bash into the enemy, after defeating 5 of Bronzer's Guardians, Buckley gains access to Bronzer's Castle and defeats Bronzer and rescues Princess Orange (Buckley Series version of Princess Peach)