Bubsy Bobcat
Full Name Bubsy Bobcat
Current Age 18
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Under Force Command
Family and Relations
Caroline (Girfriend)
Grace (Ex-girlfriend deceased)
Terrence (nephew)
Theresa (niece)
Main Weapon(s) Guns, Slingshot
Ability/ies Claws
Under Cat
Voice Actor(s)
Brian Silva (1993)
Rob Paulsen (1994)
Lani Minella (1996)
Jake T. Austin (2018-present)
First Appearance Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (1993)
Latest Appearance Bubsy's Bad Fur Tail (2018)
Don't mess with a bobcat!

Bubsy Bobcat is the main character of Bubsy's Bad Fur Tail, and is one of the Under Force Members.

Early years


Many years later, is one of the latest survive Cats of the Under Force.


Bubsy is portrayed is games as often showing a smirk. His facial expression suggests he does not mind what awaits in his next act, and that he just finds it enjoyable.

Upon being attacked an enemy or touching an environmental hazard, Bubsy can lose lives in a variety of ways. He would crumble to pieces, melt into a puddle, blow away like a ruptured balloon after touching sharp objects, etc.

Later use a Red Hoodie, Brown Pants and Converse Red Shoes, and his age is 18.


  • Bubsy along side with Caroline were the first 3rd party characters of his series with M-Rated in appear in a Disney Game.

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