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Bubsy's Bad Fur Tail
Developer(s) Pencil Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Konami
Platform(s) Wii U
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Genre(s) Action, hack and slash, adventure
Release Date(s)
*January 11, 2018 (North America)
  • February 5, 2018 (Europe and Australia)
  • January 16, 2018 (Japan)
Age Rating(s)

Bubsy's Bad Fur Tail is an Action hack and slash adventure game developed by Pencil Games Inc., the content of Bubsy's Bad Fur Tail is designed for mature audiences. The game contains graphic cartoon violence, alcohol use, tobacco use, profanity, vulgar humor, dark humor and pop culture references, including several film parodies.


Since his escape from Furbitten planet, the son of The king and queen become anger when Bubsy escape and to be a new king of Furbitten Planet, many years later Bubsy don't rebember of his past and become a Alien Hunter with his Girlfriend Caroline to save the World.

Main Characters

  • Bubsy Bobcat (voiced by: Justin Bieber)
  • Grace the Kitty (voiced by: Selena Gomez)

Supporting Characters

  • Arnold the Armadillo (voiced by: Rick Morranis)
  • Mindy the leader of the Under force (voiced by: Frances McDormand)
  • Marco the Jaguar (voiced by: Chris Diamantopulos)
  • Ned the Squirrel (voiced by: Peter Browngardt)


  • King of Furbitten Planet (voiced by: James Cromwell)
  • Death Dog (voiced by: Alan Tudyk)
  • Denahi Bobcat (voiced by: Rob Paulsen)
  • Fiona the Kitty (voiced by: Grey Delise)

Bubsy's Outfits

  • Professor Layton Outfit (unlocked complete Prologue) (Wii U exclusive)
  • Dipper Pines Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 1)
  • Nick Wilde Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 2)
  • Marco Diaz Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 3)
  • Phoenix Wright Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 4)
  • Link Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 5) (Wii U exclusive)
  • Mario Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 6) (Wii U exclusive)
  • Luigi Outfit (Unlocked complete Chapter 7) (Wii U exlusive)
  • Mickey Mouse Outfit (unlocked after defeat King of Furbitten Planet)

Grace's Outfits

  • Luke Triton Outfit (unlocked complete Prologue) (Wii U exclusive)
  • Mabel Pines Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 1)
  • Judy Hoops Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 2)
  • Star Butterfly Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 3)
  • Maya Fey Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 4)
  • Princess Zelda Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 5) (Wii U exclusive)
  • Princess Peach Outfit (unlocked complete Chapter 6) (Wii U exlusive)
  • Princess Daisy Outfit (Unlocked complete Chapter 7) (Wii U exlusive)
  • Minnie Mouse Outfit (unlocked after defeat King of Furbitten Planet)


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings (WII U) 91.91%
(XONE) 89.89%
(PS4) 85.62%
Metacritic (WII U) 92/100
(XONE) 90/100
(PS4) 87/100
Review scores
Publication Score A (WII U)
B+ (PS4)
Famitsu 40/40 (WII U)
38/40 (XONE)
36/40 (PS4)
GamesRadar 10/10
IGN 9.6/10 (WII U)
9.3/10 (X360)
9/10 (PS4)
Entity Award
IGN UK Game of the Year
GameSpot Best Boss Fights
GameTrailers Best New IP
Giant Bomb Best Return

Bubsy's Bad Fur Tail received critical acclaim, with an aggregate review score of 92 out of 100 (WII U), 90 out of 100 (XONE) and 87 out of 100 (PS4) at Metacritic. Many publications and websites declared the graphics were the best on the Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Critics noted that the game featured a number of technical effects that were uncommon at the time, especially for a Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One game, such as dynamic shadowing, coloured lighting, large areas with a long draw distance, no distance fog, detailed facial animations, lip syncing, and individually rendered fingers on some characters. Shane Satterfield of GameSpot went so far as to say that the game "makes other games look like History of video game consoles (8th generation) software." IGN praised the detailed 3D worlds, "fantastic" texture work, and The best return of one Hateful Character very chance. He remarked that " Bubsy himself is equipped with an in-game facial animation system that realistically portrays his different moods as he travels the lands. When he's scared, he looks it, and when he's pissed off players will actually be able to see his teeth showing in a frown." Reviewers noted occasional drops in the frame rate, but most agreed it did not interfere with the gameplay.

Rating Descriptions

  • MATURE 17+: Blood and Gore, Mature Humor, Strong Language, Intense Violence, Partinal Nudity.
  • PEGI 16: Violence, Drugs, Bad Language.
  • CERO D: Violence, Sexual Content, Crime, Use of Tobacco and Alcohol, Language.

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