Bubbles (グルッピー Guruppi, Gloopy) is a character from the NES cult game Clu Clu Land. Bubbles is a small and lightweight character, almost the same size as Pikachu and she is somewhat quite large in length.

Bubbles is a Middle Tier character, as her she is a quite fast character and have a useful attack to start a combo (her neutral B) and her attacks are pretty useful for KO possibilities, however being a lightweight character makes her easy to KO and she also lacks a good recovery move.


Starting Special Moves

  • Neutral B: Sound Wave - Bubbles shot a Sound Wave that goes straght in the direction that the character is looking at. It doesn't gives any damage or knockback, instead it paralyzes the opponent for a short time, it is a somewhat small projectile but it comes out pretty fast, making it an unpredictable move.
  • Side B: Turning Posts - Bubbles summon an turning post that she uses as a slingshot. The move is similar to Pikachu's Side B and Luigi's Side B, as it launches Bubbles in a straightfoward direction and it can be used as a finishing move when the opponent is either dizzy or at a high damage percent. If the player is running and uses that move, the player will turn instead of launching it, making it a good useful dodge move.
  • Up B: Unira Summon - Bubbles summons an Unira that goes upward and it will chase the opponents. The player can only summon one Unira at the time. The Unira can be hit and turned as a projectile against the other players, so the player has two options to use the Unira in combat.
  • Down B: Ingot - The player summons a ingot that reflects the opponent's move. The ingot stays there until the someone hits it and the player cannot summon another one until the ingot is hit.
  • Final Smash: Black Hole - Bubbles traps the opponents in a slingshot and launches them upwards in the direction of the Black Hole that is counted as an instant KO.

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