Bubble Destruction is a 1995 puzzle video game developed by Tricom and SEGA for the Game Gear.


There are bubbles floating around on screen. Players are given a sort of bubble wand that allows them to pick them up and move them around. To pick up a bubble, you press the 1 Button; you can then move it with the D-Pad and drop it by pressing the 1 Button again.

The objective of the game is to connect different kinds of bubbles for points. To win, players must reach a certain amount of points.

There are five different bubble types: Water, Lava, Acid, Liquid Cement, and Molten Metal.

  • Water bubbles are the most common variety. Up to five can be connected before the resulting bubble bursts.
  • The bigger a lava bubble gets, the thicker it is. Thus, bursting one with a large water bubble can give you more points depending on how big it is at that moment.
  • Acid bubbles will automatically pop water bubbles, but disappear upon contact. Connecting one with a lava bubble will make it hotter and more likely to give you a jackpot.
  • A liquid cement bubble solidifies water bubbles, which can then by popped with a lava or acid bubble (or a combination of both).
  • Any time you find a molten metal bubble, you can link it to a lava bubble to give it a lot more worth. This also works with acid-infused lava bubbles.
  • So, the action that will give you the most points is...
    • Drag a large liquid cement bubble into a large water bubble, solidifying it...
    • up large lava, molten metal, and acid bubbles...
    • ...and drag the resulting bubble into the stone sphere, popping it.

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