This is a list of the achievements in Bubble Bobble Ultimate Fusion!.


Title Points How to Get Secret
Port Master! 20 Beat every ported game. No
Super Port Master! 25

Beat every ported game in super mode if one exists.

Chef 20 Get all food. No
Drunken 10 Beat Classic Drunk Mode. No
Fighter 15 Beat Boss Rush. No
Points galore! 20 Rack up 50 xbox points. No
Reverse discordation 20 Beat Discord Destruction. No
No more changelings II 20 Beat Epic Ages Of The Changeling War. No
Collecters edition 30 Get all items. No
Everything is MINE! 35 Get every item and food. Yes
Savior 40 Beat every boss in ports and episodes. Yes
Enemy Denoate 50 Beat every enemy in ports and episodes 1,000 times. Yes
Hungry Hungry Howies 20 Beat Very Hongary Halloween. No

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