BubBooe is a side character in the largely popular Apples series appering as playable in the spin-off Apples: Everlasting Journey. BubBooe can normally use his bubbles to attack and pop them on enemies. He can also attack by blowing enemies away into walls, rocks ect. His special ability allows his to capture enemies in one big bubble and fling them creating a huge explosion. He can also aids the team by giving them a unlimited supply of oxygen and helps them cross strong currents. His icon is a bubble with a rainbow arching above it.
BubBooe his normal self.
Full Name BubBooe
Current Age 10
Date of Birth May 11th
Gender Male
Species Booe
Current Status Alive
Booes and Saails
Main Weapon(s) Bubble Capture
First Appearance Apples: Everlasting Journey
Latest Appearance Apples: Everlasting Journey


Apples: Everlasting Journey


BubBooe is quite stubborn and really doesn't do much for anyone unless bargined for. Dispite BubBooe's stubborn nature he has a heart of pure gold. He is very adventureous and seems to like being at Lipdrip Falls creating bubbles and playing with Mangta . BubBooe is very fun loving and tries to have fun in the most bland times imaginable! BubBooe also seems to have a love for Sails found at Lipdrip Falls and seems to live there.





BubBooe has a friendly rivalty with CrysBooe and they usully have large fights on wether crystals or bubbles are better at making art but they always end up laughing like crazy in the end. BubBooe likes to create bubbles for CrysBooe to aim and shoot with his crystals. They seem to make a game of it.