All I need to become Super Buap is... a chicken wing!

The leader of The Buap Squad
Full Name Buaptain
Current Age 12
Date of Birth October 22, 2002
Gender Male
Location Nega World
Current Status Alive
Class Anti-Hero
Main Weapon(s) Mini-Laser Gun
First Appearance Fantendo Sports Resort
Latest Appearance Fantendo Sports Resort

Buaptain is Guaptain's doppelganger in Fantendo Sports Resort, but later becomes the main antagonist of The Guap Squad 5: The Nega World. He is the leader of a group called the Buap Squad.


Guaptain is a very nice and caring person, so Buaptain is the opposite. He often hurts others when given the chance, and would hurt/kill anyone just to get his way. No matter what happens, his ultimate goal is to leave the Nega World and take over Earth.


Buaptain is a 12 year old boy with black, spikey hair, green eyes, a white coat with red buttons, a pink scarf, black sweatpants, and black shoes.


Fantendo Sports Resort

Buaptain's first appearance, he is a playable character on the Red Team. Not much is known about him yet.

The Guap Squad 5: The Nega World

Buaptain is set to make his Guap Squad debut in The Guap Squad 5: The Nega World as the main antagonist.



Buaptain's original and main arch-rival is Guaptain. So naturally, things can get very instance between the two.


Gob is Buaptain's best friend, and is his right hand man. (Gob is very smart)


Boe is Gob's cousin, so he was forced to be friends with him. Buaptain tried to eliminate him, but even a heartless monster can't do that. So, they ended up hating each other, but still work together. (Boe is very Pop)


Buaptain likes Bashley not just as a friend, but he likes her (which in the Nega World might mean the opposite. (Bashley is very gloomy and sadistic)


Buaptain likes Bim as he is very focused and quiet. (Pretty obvious)


Bandy was Buaptain's first enemy, but after Buaptain shot Bandy off a cliff, he barley saved him from becoming good. (Bandy is very dumb)