Brush Flower
Brush Flower
The Brush Flower's current appearance
Item Type Status
Kind of Item Flower
First Appearance Super Mario 3D Land II: Bowser's Ultimate Revenge
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Galaxy
Changes Mario's clothes and gives him a magic paint brush.
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Brush Flower (also known as the Paint Flower) is a power-up that first appeared in Super Mario 3D Land II: Bowser's Ultimate Revenge. It transforms Mario into Paint Mario.


This flower looks like a brush with eyes on a stem with two leaves at the bottom. At the tip, there is usually an assortment of colors.


This power-up turns Mario into Paint Mario, where he can shoot Paint Balls using his magic paint brush. He can also use it to create things, such as a wall to block enemies, or make a bridge to cross large gaps. He can shoot them at enemies to stun them ormake them slip. Paint Mario can also use Paint Balls to solve puzzles, such as getting a right color combination.

Game Appearances

Super Mario 3D Land II: Bowser's Ultimate Revenge

The Brush Flower debuts in this game, and it is used to shoot Paint Balls and attack enemies.

New Super Mario Bros. Galaxy

In this game, the Brush Flower is used to shoot Paint Balls, attack enemies, and create objects to help the player to advance forward to new areas of the level. It appears in World 1-3.


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