Bruiser (Somarinoa)
Bruiser MS Sprite
Bruiser as he appears in Monster Space, Dangerous Wilds, and Long Story
Full Name Bruiser
Gender Male
Species Human/Moon Bear Hybrid
Location Main Universe: Big City
Long Story: Analogue City
Current Status Alive
Class Human: Motorcycle Gang Member
Mutate: Enforcer
The Mutates
Family and Relations
Michael Procyon (former friend, current rival)
Dirk (friend, partner), Parker (friend, partner), Dr. BadGuy (employer), Cruncher (nemesis)
Main Weapon(s) Human: Chain
Mutate: Massive strength, claws
Vulnerable To Spine
First Appearance Monster Space
Latest Appearance Long Story

Bruiser (formerly Chaz Roberts) is a Human-Moon Bear hybrid Mutate who was mutated against his will by Dr. BadGuy's minions along with Perch and Berserk, to either recondition their former compatriot Raccoon to join the Mutates again or to have him put to rest. They failed, but continue to try and bring him in or kill him, deciding unanimously that they did not wish to return to the doctor empty-pawed. He was created in a bit of a rush out of one of the Raccoon's former high school biker friends, purposefully mutated as quick as possible, and the clothes he had on tore apart, giving him a ragged appearance.

Background History

Plenty of Space for Monsters

Surviving the Dangerous Wilds

A Long Story

Bruiser (formerly Chaz Roberts) is a Mutate enforcer working for Dr. BadGuy. He initially appears as a member of a motorcycle gang in Analogue City. Although unfriendly here, he is an NPC and not fought in combat. However upon solving The Case of the Pilfered Painting, the party tries to inform the gang that their friend was the thief but has been kidnapped, only to be laughed at. The party later returns to Analogue City only to witness Chaz and his fellow gang members being knocked out and abducted themselves.

Bruiser then later appears in his monstrous state when the party reencounters the thief, who has now been transformed into the Mutate known as Raccoon. He, Perch and Berserk are attempting to bring Raccoon into custody, and so like the Undetected Unit + Anacon battle, the fight is divided, with Raccoon attacking both your party and the Mutate trio, but the Mutates only attacking Raccoon -- should they succeed in defeating him they escape with him, removing his chance to become an available party member later. He appears again during this chapter on top of a roof that Raccoon has been chased to, again with his fellow Mutate trio but is knocked off the roof by Cruncher, who has shown up for the same reasons. Cruncher then disposes of Perch and Berserk as well.

Bruiser appears one final time in another (optional) boss battle after Raccoon has joined the party, and will not appear otherwise. In this fight he is revealed to have had his spine broken during his fall from the rooftop and now wears cybernetic armor to allow him to continue to walk. This drastically increases his defense to nigh-invulnerability unless the armor is short-circuited. Upon his defeat here, he groans and does not get back up. He will remain on the ground groaning until the end of the chapter, and then won't be seen again.