Britt Hizaro is a character that originally appeared in Fantendo the Animated Series. She is a physically disabled person and cannot use her legs, having lost use of them around five years old. She is one of the original characters of the show, created and written primarily by Exotoro.

In the main Fantendoverse, she never lost the use of her legs but lived a fairly standard life. She often followed the news of the Fantendoverse and actually doesn't support Unten or any of the other large Fantendoverse heroes because one of their battles destroyed her house.


She gets around using a black wheelchair. She wears glasses and has blond hair.


Britt Hizaro was born into the world by her parents, Mrs and Mr Hizaro. Some years later they divorced, although it was too young for Britt to be really impacted by the divorce. She was sent to live with her dad, who eventually disappeared after a few years, leaving Britt to tend for herself at the age of twelve. At age five, she lost the use of her legs for some unexplained reason, leaving her bound to a wheelchair.

She found a genie's lamp in the basement while cleaning it out and become fast friends with Zander, a genie. The two eventually made a deal that Britt would release him on her last wish and that Zander would help her out. She followed the deal and so did he.

Britt Hizaro lived the rest of her life with Zander and his husband Kel as her guardians until the events of Fantendo the Animated Series.


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